Nomad Base One Max review: A stylish wireless charger for iPhone and Apple Watch

10 years ago, I started using wireless charging with Nokia smartphones, and since then, I’ve enjoyed the convenience of wireless charging with charging pads located throughout my home and office. My favorite is the deluxe Volonic Valet 3, but despite the amazing Aira FreePower technology, it can’t charge my Apple Watch Series 7.

For the past several days, the new Nomad Base One Max has been charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch in style. A couple of months ago, Nomad launched the beautiful Base One charger and built on that charger with the Base One Max, adding a built-in Apple Watch charger as well as the floating glass panel for your iPhone.


  • Elegant metal and glass design
  • Heavy weight so it won’t shift
  • Built-in Apple Watch puck and stand
  • One USB-C cable to power the platform

You do not like

  • expensive
  • No A/C power adapter included

The Base One Max is available in silver and carbide with an MSRP of $149.95. It’s MFi certified with the Made for MagSafe and Made for Apple Watch logos on the retail packaging. We tested the silver model.

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The Nomad Base One Max is a heavy duty accessory, weighing 900 grams (2 lbs), made of metal and glass. Right side topped with a 15W white glass MagSafe charging stand keeps your iPhone securely in the perfect position. It sits atop the metal surface of the stand and looks great.

With many previous Apple Watch mounts, I had to provide my own Apple Watch charging cable and puck unit that then screws into a plastic mount. That’s not the case with the Nomad Base One Max, as the Nomad has a very stylish built-in Apple Watch charger with a beautiful shiny metal back that stands proudly close to the front third of the charging dock. There are no cables hanging from the Apple Watch stand as everything is built into the base unit behind the glass and metal.


Matthew Miller / ZDNet

There is a single USB-C port on the back of the Base One Max with a long nylon-braided USB-C to USB-C cable included in the retail package. The 2-meter cable is suitable for using the Base One Max in many locations in your office or home. There’s no USB-C power adapter included, but you can buy a 30W power adapter from Nomad for $29.95.

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At first, I tested the Base One Max in my office, but with the addition of the Apple Watch charger on the stand, I decided my nightstand was the best spot since I took my Apple Watch off at night. No annoying lights that keep me up at night, something I find on other chargers and should be removed immediately from my bedroom.

The Nomad Base One Max is estimated to be as high as you can set the unit down, ensuring that moving your iPhone or Apple Watch face up won’t move the charging dock or require you to use your hands to remove your gear from a charger. The bottom has rubber feet to protect the surface as well as prevent it from slipping.


Matthew Miller / ZDNet

The perfect magnetic alignment of your iPhone works with iPhone models 12 and 13. I’ve been testing and using a variety of MagSafe cases with my iPhone, and so far, they’ve all worked perfectly with this accessory. When I occasionally switch to Android devices, it’s good to know that they also charge fine on the Qi wireless charger. The Base One Max can also charge wireless headphones, including compatible AirPods cases.

If you have an Apple Watch and want a solid platform to charge it and charge your iPhone, the Base One Max is clearly something to consider. They are somewhat pricey, but they are built to last and are a great piece of mobile technology to display proudly in your office or home.