Notes: PFF presents what a low trade of 32 might look like for black

While plenty of media outlets spend their days pre-debating the NFL draft about trades within the top five picks, not all of these trades are common. This doesn’t mean that no one will ever happen this year. You never know who might fall in love with a potential quarterback, or one of the coveted offensive tackles of this year’s class. He. She can Happen or occur. But statistically, it’s not likely, especially in a year without elite The talent of the quarterback, or the almost flawless EDGE player.

For General Manager Brad Holmes and the Detroit Lions, business speculation won’t stop with the second general pick. Because of their trade that sent former franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams, the Lions have the 32nd overall pick, aligning with the second and 34th pick. This gives Holmes and the front office plenty of options about how they want year two to rebuild.

In a mock draft on the PFF, salary cap analyst Brad Spielberger picked the Atlanta Falcons to trade 43, 114 and 190 to the Lions for the No. 32 pick.

“The bottom of the first round is a popular commercial spot due to teams looking to secure a fifth-year option on a prospect, particularly the quarterback,” Spielberger said when explaining the logic behind the proposed deal. “The Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, is heading into the options season for Year 5 after the team reached 32 overall with the Eagles in 2018, so here, we have the Hawks following the same idea.”

This Year 5 team option means a lot to franchises looking to pick a midfielder for the draft. It gives them an extra year of the midfielder in their rookie deal, or in other scenarios, it could give the respective front office another year to assess whether or not they want to award a second contract to the player.

For me, this is a sound team building strategy. If the general manager were to roll the proverbial dice and take the quarterback, he might also make a selection within the first 32 selections, allowing that extra year to serve as a buffer of some sort, if necessary. And while the Hawks still had to give up some draft capital to return to pick 32, they still did Much Less than the capital required to reach the second general selection.

And now, in the rest of today’s notes:

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