Notre Dame Practice Report: Crime (April 12)

Notre Dame, Indiana – Website It lists 18 synonyms for “*sparse” and I might have a chance to use a handful of them in deciding my brawl practice today.

A highlight of the day was the former LSU coach (no, not that) Ed Orgeron. Oregon agreed (already offered) to speak with reporters after the practice. Father of three boys, one of whom is looking for training and we’ll find out more later this morning. (Presumably one of his twin sons, Cody and Parker, who also played college football at LSU.)

Such a rare opportunity* to meet the social Orgeron cannot be missed.

Still marginalized among the offensive forces of Coordinator Tommy Reese:

  • student c Pat CoganRight knee brace
  • student saw Billy Schroth: I have not seen a splint on his surgically repaired foot, but I will try to confirm after practice
  • WR . graduate Joe Wilkins: throws with the left foot
  • graduate c Garrett Patterson: ripped bodice (but no cords)
  • WR . graduate Avery Davis: Participate again in the stretching period before joining the wounded cycling and in Matt Bales recovery program

We have not seen an offensive line student Joey Tanuna In practice today as he continues to recover from a car crash on his way to winter training.

straight period

There was one. Snap, that is. * Not suitable for our purposes but here’s what happened.

‘Beat’ the offense to start the exercise as a running back march Chase Ketterer Record on the right side. Steve Angeli He was in the quarterback and was joined by Evert, Rattigan and Cook.

(This is Griffin, not Tyler, and Connor, not Brian, and Henry, not Brandon, but it looked more fun the other way.)

They were assisted by transport workers touch bakerAnd Andrew KrestowiczAnd Michael CarmodyAnd Quinn Murphy Among the employees of the third unit. (There is no third unit OL in the spring, as you probably know).

Don’t read anything in Baker/Kristofic with “3s” in this case: Jacob Lacey He was there defensively to lend a hand. Just need softeners.

Lifting exercises

The tag-off exercises that were part of each of the four practices we attended this spring. The sideline is meant to be the defender’s friend, although the faster attacking talents of Notre Dame sometimes negate this advantage.

for example:

  • Braden Lindsay Blows routinely by defenders who are at a disadvantage half a stride as this exercise begins…
  • Audric Estime’s light feet remain an attractive feature in his game. I prefer that he rarely shows that skill, as his supports and strength impart a much-needed physical presence on the backcourt.
  • Chris Villota skips over to JD Bertrand’s left side – his surgically repaired wrist provides opportunities *few *few* to play in space this spring.
  • Logan Diggs Reluctance to slip PO Power on the sidelines. Diggs
  • As you fill out your depth chart, remember this: Chris Tyre It is 1A, probably not 1B, not 1C or 1D. We forget how fast he was in space because he had nothing behind the porous Irish offensive line in the first half of 2021. It’s uncommon that he was impacted in this exercise…
  • Walking number 35 is fast and gentle. My list shows its narrow end sage sanfu. *The dearth of playtime is on the tight end with what the Irish have this fall but Sanfu has flashed a few times this spring.
  • Even leverage training provided *little monitoring opportunities today…

Special Teams: Attack

Tim Prister will be rating the defensive participants in Kickoff Return training today.

To no one’s surprise, Chris Tyre It was a lead kick yield. It was backed by B Speedy, Braden Lindsay And now we’re talking!

Dam with first unit: narrow ends Kevin Bowman (second right level) and Mitchell Evans (first line outside right), wide reception Jayden Thomas (1st line outside left), Matt Salerno (back), running back Audric تقدير estimate (back left), linebacker Davis Sherwood (middle of the lineup).

Joining the second unit was the place of Salerno Lorenzo Styles With Dion Colzi The setting is on the first line (middle).

wide reception coach Chancy Stocky Trail back kick-off. I didn’t see a return to Styles field, but he wasn’t holding back like Salerno either.

final period

Marcus Freeman Take the time watching the receivers run during today’s rehearsals. All five of them.

(Kidding, kidding. But seriously, they have five receivers and five scholarship members. Including ex-Matt Salerno. It’s a total *uncommon on Power 5. Or any level.)

The latest workouts open to the media today featured a narrow finish and a wide open-air induced receiver for the lavish Irish sports complex. They lined up in pairs as follows:

That’s what I saw in these reps, who were all Post-Corner trails (time dependent).

  • Nice top corner after tap from Lenzy on beauty from Pyne
  • Styles awaits Buechner pass (min)
  • Pyne a little late to Salerno and the wrong shoulder (inner)
  • Buchner’s nice touch to Thomas, maybe I’m late to the touch
  • Good way Colzie and Pyne on target
  • Ratigan’s corner kick from Buchner on goal, difficult late
  • Meyer is good. Throw in between passes.
  • Bowman looks good in the open spaces in this particular actor. I haven’t thought about it in the past. More than a narrow-end phone booth with durability and hands, but not this time.
  • Evans jumps easily to catch up. This baby is a normal receiver.

The trumpet sounds.

* Stingy, I admit.