Oakland A’s No. 4: Bats A crushes Tampa Bay Rays at 13-2

Monday’s game was exactly what we’ve come to expect from the 2022 season for Oakland A, but with the roles reversed.

All went wrong in the Tampa Bay Rays, and everyone in District One responded by playing like a superstar, leading to a 13-2 shot at Tropicana Field.

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The day went south for Tampa Bay almost immediately. He faces his fourth blow in the game, Rise Starter Louis Patino His left slant strained and he had to leave the game. Only a couple of evenings later they were already calling out a game of bulls, and their emergency mitigator threw the beating on his first pitch and allowed the barn owners his fourth pitch and ninth pitch. The detective’s defensive mistakes later made matters worse.

Auckland took full advantage. They scored four runs in that first inning, then four more in the second, interspersed further in the fourth and four in the ninth. By the end, they fired four slams, including a Grand Slam to beat the final frame, and hit 13 strokes to go three walks and an HBP. More than half of their hits went for extra bases, and they went 4 vs 10 with the runners in the scoring center.

On the other side of the ball, the beginning of A Paul Blackburn It was awesome. Betting a big lead early on, he collapsed through five innings without goals, missing bats like we’ve never seen before, and netted seven players into a career high. Three of the dwellers took the rest of the way without any drama.

early attack

An injury to Patinho was an issue at the start of the day, and Reyes was scrambling from the start. Sometimes everyone’s up for the contingency Bullpen, and a parade of abrupt loosens keep the opposing team’s line-up guessing for nine innings. That was not the case tonight.

He was the first to come out of the pen Chris Mazza. The right-hander is an East Bay producer who was born in Walnut Creek and attended Clayton Valley High School in Concord, then stayed nearby at Menlo College in Atherton.

Entering with a runner in second and second place, Mazza’s first floor slipped out of his hand and tied Sean Murphy Deep down, so wild that He could pass behind him without connection. next was Seth Brown, and wiped out the third pitch he saw, 427 feet at 108.5 mph. Three stroke brownie blast!

Then it came Chad Bender, and also deepened, making his colleagues consecutive. Brown and Bender have both gone twice already this year, in their first four games.

The charge continued into the second half. A pair of singles flew off the frame, and the Rays lost a birdie on the lawn to a field error to send a runner home. With two and still no one outside, Elvis Andrews He left the building for three runs.

The score was now 8-0, and the rest of the match felt like a formality, although if we’ve learned anything last year it’s It’s not over until it’s over. But it turns out that this is already over.

Mazza made it through the third, but found more problems in the fourth. Another error on the field and a pair of singles loaded the bases, and the Rays hesitated too long for a potential final double, allowing Murphy to overpower him and score.

Tampa Bay finally went to their position again after that and the Oakland lineup calmed down for a while, until one last shriek at the end.

Since the game is already out of reach, Rays has turned the right player Britt Phillips to the heap for the star. This alone was worth the price of admission, as the world-famous Phillips put on an impressive show. He delivered the ball at an average speed of 46.7 mph and Weirdest ending I’ve ever seenAnd I talked to some friendly trash laughing at his opponent. Then he made a file Amazing diving fishing From a pop-up in a sloppy area, you almost slip into the dugout.

However, the only thing he didn’t get was the last zero on the scoreboard. He made it to the eighth inning unscathed, but on the ninth day he carried the rules and sheldon news Connected for Grand Slam.

“Your body doesn’t want to wait that long,” News said of your mid-40s speeding, Per Matt Kohara from SF Chronicle.

The whole game was an odd situation, but Team A took care of the business. It’s easy to write off a big scoring day when an opponent faces some unexpected adversity, but that’s no guarantee that that will happen either. Sometimes a sudden twist veers off your lineup as well and they each face a different arm each time and three hours later you wonder why no one can settle down and arrange anything. Not today, as the coarse-hitters gang certainly came to be.

Even Murphy Stampede from his first triple in his career!

bad blackburn

While the Oakland squad was shattering everything they saw, their coaching staff were keeping the serving with equal force.

beginning Paul Blackburn It was disgusting as we’ve seen it before. He faced 19 hitters and hit seven of them, scoring dozens of swing hits that made up 17% of the pitches he threw and 41% of the total swings against him. These are brutal numbers from an unknown pitcher with missing bats, and they added up to five dominant rounds in which Rays never made it to third base.

  • black burn: 5 ip, 0 runs, 7 Ks, 1 BB, 3 strokes, 71 pitch

There were a few raucous voices against him, but this was his first appearance of the season beyond any reasonable expectations. Martin Gallegos, an insider on the team notes That Blackburn was “messing with a new grip this off season and found one for more ‘sweeping’ sliders, which were logged as a curve ball on Statcast and got a whiff more than any of their other pitches.” Blackburn mentioned this curve among a few other things that went It’s fine tonight.

A switched to their pen on the sixth day, and a pair scratched Tampa Bay running litter time. But it was too little too late, and zach jacksonAnd AJ Book (2 runs), and Justin Grimm The finished tires are soaked.

Are we starting to have fun?

The first two games of the year were just as we expected, as Auckland’s unsuitable roster was eliminated. The latter two were something completely different, with a practical victory over Velez and now a runaway defeat of Reyes.

This doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly become fond contenders because of two early wins, but it does show that they won’t go down easily, and that’s Opponents should take it seriously. At least, they are already more fun than we dared to hope.

What will the next six months bring? We’ll have to wait and see, but it certainly hasn’t been a boring rebuild yet.