OnePlus 10 Pro is out now, comes with 50% off T-Mobile

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OnePlus 10 Pro is out now, comes with 50% off T-Mobile

The The OnePlus 10 Pro has been available in select markets since earlier this year, but it was only on March 31 when the new Never Settle phone was globally announced.

For the past two weeks, the OnePlus 10 Pro has been up for pre-order and its official release date is today. Meaning, those who pre-ordered it will get it anytime soon, and those who prefer checking the phone at a physical store can do so now.

To celebrate the release, there are two bargain offers that you can take advantage of during a limited time.

T-Mobile, which has been the US partner of OnePlus since the company officially started selling US versions of its phones, does a very good deal. You can either buy the OnePlus 10 Pro at 50% off or buy two and get one completely free. The discount applies to bill balances, and you’ll need to tie the knot on T-Mo’s Magenta plan over a 24-month period to be eligible for the discount.

If you prefer buying unlocked, you can look to Best Buy – the retailer still offers $100 gift cards with every OnePlus 10 Pro purchase. That’s not huge, but you can spend $100 on some nice cases or earbuds, or put them into another purchase. $100 off a brand new device isn’t something to laugh at.

We have already reviewed the OnePlus 10 Pro extensively and found that its camera is not in the same league with the biggest competitors in the market, despite its Hasselblad branding. However, we call it well above average. Our main concern with the OnePlus 10 Pro isn’t the camera, but rather the battery life, which wasn’t the best for us. Fortunately, the ultra-fast Warp Charge has negated this issue, but we’re wondering if a software update can fix that.

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