Padres Acquire Sean Manaea – MLB Trade Rumors

Athletics traded Shawn Mind to Padres, According to Mark Vinsand of earlier in the day, Andy MartinQ from SNY was chirp that Auckland has resumed active talks about mannequins. Kevin Ase reports from the San Diego Union-Tribune That Padres would send two prospects to Auckland in return. by fine sandthe full trade is Sean Manaea and Aaron’s Holiday For Eruibiel Angeles and Adrian Martinez.

Mannai trading has seemed inevitable for some time now. It was reported prior to the shutdown that the A’s were planning to transfer any player with a big salary and the team’s control waning. Once the lockdown is over, they do well in those expectations, i.e. trading Chris Bassett to the Mets, Matt Olson to Braves and Matt Chapman to Blue Jays. With Manaea heading to free agency at the end of this season and making $9.75 million this year, it was the logical choice as the next man to pack his bag. He will now head to San Diego, for his reunion with coach Bob Melvin, who was another victim of the Oakland piracy, as the club allowed him to head to Padres in a move to sink his salary.

The 30-year-old left-hander made his MLB debut in 2016 and immediately established himself with a good season. In 144 2/3 innings, he set an ERA of 3.86, along with a 20.9% strike rate and 6.2% walk rate. He continued to play well through the 2017 and 2018 seasons before being suspended due to shoulder surgery in September 2018. This put him out of action for nearly a year, returning in late 2019. In the short 2020 campaign, he appeared to be making a comeback to His old self, 54-round throw with an ERA of 4.50. In 2021, he scored another 179 1/3 innings with a 3.91 ERA, taking his strike rate to 25.7% in the process, his career-high for a full season.

For Padres, this reinforces what was already a very strong spin that includes yo darwishAnd the Joe MusgroveAnd the Blake SnellAnd the Mike ClevengerAnd the Nick Martinez And the Chris Badackalong with promising options such as Reese as a riverAnd the Ryan Withers or Mackenzie Gor. Just a few days ago, it was reported that the Padres were considering trading from this depth of rotation in order to improve their external image. The addition of Al Manea only seems to increase the odds of meeting such a deal.

Their projected field currently consists of Trent Gresham in the center and Will Myers In the right, with the left field running through a combination of gorexson brovar And the Matt Petty. There is certainly room for improvement on this group, especially for a team that hopes to compete with the Dodgers and Giants in AL West, two teams that easily crossed the 100-win plateau last year. Recent reports had indicated that the club had spoken to the pirates about a Brian Reynolds Trade, though the final word on that front was that the asking price for Reynolds was “exorbitant”.

The Padres were one of two teams to pay the luxury tax in 2021, along with the Dodgers. This means they will be subject to escalating penalties if they pay the tax again this year. The new CBA bumped the tax bottom from $210 million to $230 million, giving the Padres some breathing space, as their luxury tax number was between those two figures at most unofficial times. Since the signing of the new CBA agreement and the end of the lockdown, they have been fairly calm, regardless of their acquisition of luke you. With the acquisition of Manaea, their luxury tax figure is now just above $233 million, according to Jason Martinez of Roster Resource. Perhaps they are willing to pay the tax again, or the additional trade may allow them to fall back into oblivion. Rumors have been circulating for years about their attempts to move in Eric Hosmer Four years and $59 million left on his deal. Only a few days ago, they were apparently discussing such a deal with the Mets, although those conversations have apparently stalled.

For athletics, their fiery sale brought their 2021 salaries down to about $50 million in actual dollars per listing resource. They haven’t had a number this low since 2008, leaving aside the 2020 shortened campaign for the pandemic. (Hat tip to Cot’s baseball contracts.) That number would likely go even lower if the club cuts a deal. Frankie Montas or Ramon Laurianoalthough they could also add a veteran in a modest short-term deal, like the one they gave them Stephen Vogt And the good lori.

The rotation in Auckland will not only decrease Bassett and Al Mana James Caprilian And the Brent Honeywell Jr. The season will likely start on IL. Montas would be at the front of the group if he were still around Cole IrvineAnd the Doulton JeffreysAnd the Paul BlackburnAnd the Adam Oller And the Zack Log Among the options to take the sites behind him.

One of his current acquisitions, Adrian Martinez, is an option to act as a rotation depth on the spot, as he’s on a 40-man roster and reached the all-time highs of minors last year. In the 80 2/3 Double-A innings, he put in a 2.34 ERA with a 25.4% strike rate and 7.3% walk rate. He struggled a bit on his first tasting of Triple-A, throwing 44 1/3 rounds with his ERA jumping to 5.28, along with a 19.9% ​​shrunken strike rate and 8.7% walk rate. He’s only 25 years old and has options, which means he’s likely to have been exposed to the ticket longer on Triple-A.

The other part of their comeback will be more of a long-running play, as Angelis is only 19 years old. Last year, he split his time between A-ball and High-A, while lining up on second base, third base and short base. In 105 games, his slash was .329/ .392/ .445, for a wRC+ of 125, along with 19 stolen bases. Although A will need to be patient given his age, it could be the real “getting” for Oakland, as he was San Diego’s No. 12 player on the MLB Pipeline before the deal, with Martinez coming in 26th.

Besides Manaea, Padres are also adding some bull depth with the acquisition of Holiday. The 21-year-old was just picked up by the A last year, in Round 13 of the 2021 Draft. He only has 5 2/3 runs of career experience under his belt at this point, all coming into the Composite League last year. Despite this limited biography, RJ Anderson of CBS Sports pass He was hitting over 100 mph on the radar pistol this off season.

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