Padres was upset by Mauricio Dupont’s blow

SAN FRANCISCO – One week later, the 2022 baseball season already has its first unwritten rules dispute.

By the end of the second half on Tuesday night, the Giants had already nine runs ahead of Padres, ambushing rookie Yo Darvish with six runs in the first half and another four in the second. At that point, it’s game over for all intents and purposes. The drama was only in the beginning.

Stephen Duggar, whose solo smashed the final round of the second half, quickly won out on second base by nine runs. Then, at the bottom of sixth, with the Giants still leading by nine, Mauricio Dupont dropped one hit at the third base line.

Padres’ hideout did not respond kindly to the situation. Director Bob Melvin tweeted from the top step. Eric Hosmer, the number one baseman, expressed his feelings for Dupont.

“I definitely told him how I felt, how we felt about it,” Hosmer said after the Giants’ 13-2 win at Oracle Park. He said it was a sign their staff gave him. I just told him that I think you should be a little smarter in this situation. You’ve obviously been playing professional football for a long period of time if you’re at that level. You have to be smarter than that.”

Giants felt otherwise. They felt that Aunt Dupont and Duggar robbery were within the unwritten rules. these they were They said smart plays.

“I fully support those two decisions,” Giants manager Gabi Kapler said. “Our goal is not exclusively to win one game in a series. It is to try to win the whole series. Sometimes, that means trying to go a little deeper into the opponent’s pen. I understand that many teams don’t like this strategy.”

“And I understand why. It’s something we talked about as a team before the season and that we were comfortable going forward with that strategy. It shouldn’t be disrespectful in any way. It’s because we feel comfortable and strategic. It’s the best way to win a series. When I say cool, I mean calm.” We’re not emotional about it. We’re not trying to hurt anyone. We just want to score as many kicks as possible, and force the other bowler to throw as many pitches as possible. If other clubs decide they want to do the same to us, we’ll have no problem. with her “.

Two years ago, of course, Padres was at the center of another unwritten feud in the unwritten rules, when Fernando Tates Jr. hit a Grand Slam on the field 3-0 with his team leading by seven runs in Texas. The Rangers weren’t too happy, and sailed the next pitch behind Mane Machado. In the days following the accident, Padres defended Tates, citing the importance of running over sprinting.

On Tuesday night, Padres was nine games behind and seemed to have trouble with bending (or breaking) unwritten rules in order to add to the score. However, nothing else came of the crash, and the Giants won the match handily, with right-back Will Myers scoring the eighth inning for San Diego.

Dupont’s hit came at the bottom of sixth with right-hand Denilson Lammette on the hill. It was a perfectly executed hit right up to the third base line. Lamet had no chance. And the third baseman, Padres Machado, barely moved.

“I’m not trying to disrespect anyone,” Dupont said. “We’re just trying to win a series. That means going on rallies until we can burn the guns. That’s it. I’m not trying to disrespect anyone.”

However, at first base Dubón arrived at Hosmer furious and hidden Padres furious. After that, Melvin only said, “I don’t have any comment on either of them. I really don’t want to go into it.”

The Padres and Giants play 17 again this season, and their game series is scheduled to end on Wednesday at 12:45 PM PT. Does Hosmer consider this to be over?

“It’s game over, we lost, it happened,” he said. “Obviously we were mad about it. But we’re not going to keep talking about it. It happened. That is. Go to the next stage, try to win a series.”

In the eyes of the giants, that was all they had been trying to do all along.