Patrick Liuya was shot dead by Grand Rapids police

Patrick Liuya was shot and killed on April 4 by a Grand Rapids police officer after the two had a fight after a traffic stop. On Wednesday, April 13, Grand Rapids officials released four different videos of the man’s death. This is what we saw.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Weinstrom, Director of Oversight and Public Accountability, Brandon Davis, and City Manager Mark Washington, spoke about the shooting. Before the video was released, city leaders warned about the pictorial nature of the videos.

They released four videos: a dashcam from the responding officer’s car, the officer’s body cam, a doorbell cam from a neighbor’s house, and a mobile phone video taken by a passenger in the car the Lyoya was driving.

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Officer Lyoya was stopped by a license plate problem, a ticketable offense in Michigan.

Grand Rapids Police Dashcam Video

The first video released by the police was from the dashboard of the officer’s car. Once Lyoya pulls his car to the curb, he opens the door and gets out.

The officer orders him to stay in the car when he approaches him. The audio from the dashcam does not detail the nature of the traffic stop at this point.

It shows that Lyoya starts to turn away from the camera while the officer follows him. Then Liuya returned to the camera and the officer chased him down a corridor and then seemed to hold him.

He and Leoya are straight and walking but they are still struggling at this point. This is when the two of them disappear from the camera to the right.

Nothing can be seen or heard for a few minutes until the passenger exits the front seat.

About 3 minutes into the video, I heard a single shot from the camera.

After a few minutes, more officers arrived and ordered the witness to retreat.

Grand Rapids Police Body Cam Video

The next video released by the police was from the camera of the responding officer.

It starts with him climbing off his cruiser and getting close to Lyoya as he gets out of the car.

He tells Lyoya that he stopped him and asks him to license him. Liuya asked him what he had done wrong and the officer said, “The plate does not belong to this car.”

Lyoya then opens the driver’s side door, looks inside and talks to the passenger. The sound cannot be heard.

Lyoya started walking toward the front hood and the officer ordered him to stop before he could speak of someone running.

Then the officer grabs him and shouts to put his hands behind his back. The camera is pressed to Lyoya’s back and not much can be seen except for Lyoya’s jacket.

The officer then pulls out his own Taser, which Lyoya holds with his left hand while the officer deploys the Taser.

In the video, he tells Lyoya to give up on Taser several times but the video stops. The body cam was deactivated at this point and Chief Weinstrom later said they became separate in the conflict.

doorbell camera

The third video the police released was from a doorbell camera two homes away. In this video, you can see the officer and Lyoya talking in the street and the ensuing chase around Lyoya’s car before it finally descends into the driveway across the street from the doorbell camera.

In this video, you can see and hear the officer pulling out his Taser and deploying it while telling Lyoya to let go of the Taser. A short time later, a gunshot was heard.

The shooting was partially visible from this angle.

Watch the cell phone video

The third, and most photographed, video was filmed by the passenger in the front seat of the Lyoya.

The recording began as the officer and Yuya were struggling in the adjacent yard as Yuya was being pulled.

In this video, which doesn’t show much of the original struggle, you can hear the electrocution sound as the witness speaks. The witness says that Liuya did not catch the bolt while the officer shouted at him to let her go.

This is when the officer can be clearly seen above Lyoya and is asked to bring down the Taser. At this point, the officer directed Liuya down onto the ground and above him.

The officer extends his rear right hip to get his weapon and pulls it out. Then he shot once, shooting Lyoya in the back of the head.

Due to the graphic nature, we have removed the shooting moment from the video.

The officer then sat on Liuya’s immobile body and demanded that the witness return.

He did not try to provide any help to Lyoya.

Michigan State Police is investigating. The officer’s name has not been revealed but he has been suspended from the department being investigated.

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State Prosecutor Dana Nessel issued the following statement:

“I have every expectation that the Grand Rapids Police Department will fully cooperate with the Michigan State Police in its investigation and that the District Attorney will conduct a thorough analysis of the facts of law that apply in this case.”