Poem for Al Pacino’s “Shrek” phone case

Scarves came first, then Shrek’s phone case.

Al Pacino changed the film industry. Now, he has left his mark on the fashion industry as well. Over the weekend, shocking revelation The Godfather The actor appeared, which led to several groundbreaking articles, a search for truth, and (probably) a surge in bundled phone case sales.

Why are you asking? Simple: It was Al Pacino Spotted with Shrek phone case. After Vulture reported that it was, indeed, Al’s portable device (she gave him the wired headphones), his daughter Olivia Pacino officially Confirm the rumors. Now that the speculation is out of the way, we can all take a deep breath — and start reevaluating our phone case picks.

Gone are the days of OtterBox and Speck cases. My iPhone rests snugly in a transparent phone case, especially because it’s purple and I want to see the shade through it. If I’m being honest, the black-and-white duo we’ve adopted has been a fast-paced bypass when it comes to mobile phones.

Having a messy phone case on top of that seems risky (after all, I’ll take this thing everywhere I go: to the office, to fancy dinners, through airport security, to… funerals), but Al Pacino is working to normalize the game. Therefore, we should all be forever grateful.

Another unprecedented development: while Pacino does not seem to be committed to this particular case committed to overall idea From messy phone cases. After Shrek’s case went viral, An old interview with Pacino He showed up with a colored box assembled. What are those red and white designs – is it Santa Claus? South Park? Whatever the phone case display, it’s great.

Drop these 2-in-1 phone cases, men over 50: it’s time to impress your phone with your favorite Mike Myers movie!

This is not only great, but in fact, a revolutionary Pacino pick. Life is changing. Earth crash. inspiring. Celebrities and influencers have been very keen on monogram or plain phone cases, so seeing the A-Lister go rogue seems like an evolution the world needs. This looks like a little black dress from Coco Chanel, but for phone cases: a new fashion statement the world needs.

Despite this, Pacino isn’t the first celebrity to have the odd condition. Kaia Gerber’s choice — an enlarged image of Adam Driver with tongue between his fingers, now marketed on RedBubble as a phone cover — has been living in the back of my mind since I posted it in 2020. Kris Jenner holds the phone nicknamed “Queen of Fucking Everything,” and it’s funny whether you agree with it or not.

While these advocate what I’ll call the “messy phone case movement” (working title), there’s just something special with Pacino. Maybe because he was the star of dark gangster movies (do I need to list them all?), or maybe because he’s an older man. Drop these 2-in-1 phone cases, men over 50: it’s time to impress your phone with your favorite Mike Myers movie!

As noted above with scarves, Pacino has always embraced an exotic sense of fashion. Its whole essence, in fact – I can’t be the only one who believed This Tweet Who mentioned that he forgot to attend the Oscars – holds a bit I do not know what. It’s elegant in the same way a a partner The phone case is elegant: the unforgettable Pacino.

The actor inspired me—and I hope you will too—to shove into a more gritty phone case than the obvious and overpriced Apple case, which belongs to dullsville. Redbubble re. Hell, redownload the Etsy app and support a small business. Pacino’s phone case is available on Amazon, if you want to copy the icon.

But if you want to get more creative, a few ideas for free: Get a phone case that looks like an Altoids case, and pretend to serve mints to people as a joke. Perhaps the face of a celebrity; Maybe a Pitbull, or Ina Garten, or Al Pacino himself. Do you want to stay in the direction of Mike Myers? Get a phone case from Wayne’s world or Austin Powers. Or go the Kris Jenner route and customize your phone case – but instead of your name, pick something horrible.

Our character is all contained within these magical little rectangles, so why not dress them up with a little excitement? Thanks for the tip, Al.