Project Eagles indicate their choice trade they aren’t sure about Jalen Hurts either

The NFL General Manager has a good streak to walk in today’s game, a balance between competing to win as many games as possible right now while also positioning the franchise for future success. The NFL draft is the team’s best chance for the latter, and on Monday, Howie Roseman did what many expected he would do.

making trade.

But it wasn’t a deal for the veteran quarterback this year, it wasn’t a trade for a wide receiver or defensive player, and it wasn’t a trade that moved up a few points in this year’s draft. Instead, Rosman has capitalized on the New Orleans Saints’ desire for a second pick in this year’s draft and given himself more capital next year, while maintaining multiple picks in the first round now.

The deal was too good to end

eagle receive

2022 Round 1 (No. 18)

2022 Round Three (No. 101)

2022 Round 7 (No. 237)

2023 first round selection

2024 second round selection

receive saints

2022 Round 1 (No. 16)

2022 Round 1 (No. 19)

2022 Round Six (No. 194)

At the end of the day, Roseman traded 19 for 18 and ceded 16th this year in exchange for a third extra spin this year, a first-round pick in next year’s draft, and second in 24. Roseman takes a very strong chance that the Saints are going to be so bad this year and that their selection In the first round in ’23 he will be in the top ten.

As Lieutenant Aldo Wren said to SS Colonel Hans Landa at the end of Inglourious Basterds, “Yes, I’ll make this deal.”

But no one should lose sight of what another first-round takeover in 2023 does for Roseman and the Eagles.

Gives them another bite of a QB apple.

Next year’s draft is said to be much stronger for the quarterbacks (it’d be hard not to be better than this year), and so, while he still has multiple picks in the first round this year, Roseman now has two picks in the first round next year that he can use to either select QB, move to draft one, or use pickups to trade for a veteran who might be available in their next off-season (if there is one).

How much does this say about how the Eagles feel about Galen Hurts? While it doesn’t clearly indicate that they’re unsure about him as the next QB franchise, it certainly shouldn’t be lost on anyone what Rosman will be able to try outside next season, especially given his apparent interest in being promoted in a position with Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson. This spring.

And remember, Jalen Hurts was never drafted to be the primary quarterback for this team. When he was selected in the second round two years ago, the Eagles committed to Carson Wentz as the QB franchisee. Hurts was brought on board to be in reserve. Of course, given the way he played last year, it’s clear Hurts will never return to being this team’s backup caller again, but it’s also clear that his future in Philadelphia remains uncertain.

At the end of the day, any GM worth their salt would have made this deal, the Saints have given up so much to get their first extra this time. And it was never likely that Rosman would have stood idly by and used all three of his first-round picks for players in April, Pro Football Network’s Mike Kay told me in a recent issue of Eye on the Enemy.

“Yeah, you’re kicking the can down the road but you’re building long-term sustainability. And for me, you don’t want to have three fifth-year choices in a few years. You just don’t. That’s a lot. It’s a lot of leverage, but these first-round picks Really important. And he has to prove them. Why don’t you push yourself and set yourself up for the future in case Jalen Hurts doesn’t trade until 2023, and I think 2023 will be a better draft class, because the bottom line is so low.”

But the Eagles will never be satisfied with being “agreeable” in the middle when it comes to throwing a soccer ball. Jeffrey Lowery, Rosman and Nick Siriani don’t want to be a running-first team, and unless Hurts shows real progress as builders this year, they’ll still be a heavier team to run with under center. as we have seen, It is difficult to appoint two futures in Philadelphia under the current scenarioThis is not a recipe for long-term success in the Heavy Passing League.

So while Hurts has the 2022 season to establish himself as a runner, Roseman’s move to secure an additional first-round pick next year has been cleverly done with the idea of ​​trying to promote in that position one year from now, should Hurts progress as one of the players. The ejector does not materialize.

This is a backup plan, and one does not create a backup plan if no one thinks it will be needed. It would be foolish to think that Rosman is not hedging his bets with this move, which is not a bad thing against Hurts. That’s what any smart GM would do.