Rafael Devers turned down an extension offer from Red Sox this spring

The third Red Sox star is the man of the base Raphael Devers He recently declined an extension offer from the team, Z101’s Hector Gomez reports (Twitter link). Gomez Add Boston’s bid for Devers tops the $124 million deal Jose Ramirez Signed with guardians. No further details are known about the show, but MassLive’s Chris Cutlow describes the two sides as “too far away.”

Both Gómez and Cotillo suggest there are unlikely to be more discussions ahead of the Red Sox’s season opener on Friday against the Yankees. Devers previously suggested he would not accept a season extension. That appears to make him play this season with a salary of $11.2 million, which he agreed with the Sox last month to avoid a judging session.

It stands to reason that the Boston front office will be tackling the extension of Devers next winter, to say the least. It can be controlled by refereeing for another season after this season. By next season, third base ruling AL Silver Slugger will have amassed over $16 million in career earnings. Barring a major injury, he’ll be queuing up for a noticeable pay raise this season during his final judging year before hitting free agency ahead of his 27-year campaign.

That’s all says Devers has little pressure to accept a big discount. Sure, Red Sox won’t offer a market-value offering two years earlier than free agency, but keeping it in the fold over the long term will require one of the largest investments in the history of that service group. Brave signed first base man Matt Olson — who also has four additional years of service — to eight, and a $168 million extension last month. Just joy photo (ten years, $225 million) and Giancarlo Stanton (13 years, $325 million) Olson’s deal topped the list among players with between four and five years of service.

Olson was expected to earn an arbitration salary of $12 million before signing his extension, not much different from Devers’ current label. He and Devers have similar family numbers going back three seasons. Olson has had the .257/ .354/ .522 font since the beginning of 2019; Devers is a .290/.350/.537 hitter at the time. The latter hits with a better average, while Olson draws more tracks. Olson was 34 percentage points above average on the wRC+ scale, while Devers scored 29 points above average.

Olson and Devers clearly don’t make an apple comparison. Devers plays a more demanding position, but is considered one of the third worst defensive base players in the league. Olson plays farthest on the defensive spectrum, but he’s probably the best glove guy in the game at first base. One could argue that Olson is the most valuable player in all respects, but Davers is two and a half years younger than him. Devers’ camp at Rep 1 Baseball may discuss a deal beyond Olson’s length and blanket guarantee, making it unsurprising that “just” exceeding the $124 million guaranteed for Ramirez wouldn’t be enough. (To be clear, it’s unknown how close the Red Sox bid for Devers is to Ramirez’s number.)

Regardless of whether Boston and Devers are eventually working on something long-term, it will be there for the next two seasons. This is not necessarily the case for shortstop Xander Bogarts, who can withdraw from the remaining three years and $60 million on his deal after this season. Alex Speer of the Boston Globe spoke with Bogerts on Monday. Star shortstop told Speier he had held talks with the club this spring but said he did not expect an extension in the coming days. Like Devers, Bogaerts has suggested he is not interested in continuing negotiations once the season has started.

Bogarts will hit the open market before his 30-year season and look likely to easily cross $60 million bar an unexpected downturn or injury. Sox added a potential All-Star replacement last month when they signed Trevor’s story for a six-year deal worth $140 million. Rocky has long agreed to play second base this season out of respect for Boagerts. Boston could keep him on the cornerstone if they secure a long-term deal with Bogarts, but Storey could also return to his old position in 2023 if the current Sox heads elsewhere.