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Half time: Real Madrid 0-1 Chelsea (Total: 3-2)

Chelsea were by far the better team and totally deserve to be top of the night. They don’t give up their trophy without a single fight. Carlo Ancelotti put in a lot of work during the break.


45 minutes: James sends the free kick into the penalty area, with Rudiger sending a harmlessly long header. There will be one extra minute in the first half.


44 minutes: Crosse packs over Werner on board, 35 yards out in a central location. Free kick for Chelsea, and the hosts can really do that by hearing the whistle at the end of the first half.


43 minutes: It’s good to carry on Loftus-Cheek. “How can a player who was mediocre at best on loan at Fulham play so well in the Champions League quarter-finals?” Richard Hearst wonders who the same man is.


41 minutes: Barrel Loftus-Cheek lower right and lose a 50-50 battle with Vinicius. crashes on the ground. An angry Tuchel wants a free kick, but it wouldn’t be forthcoming. But the game stopped because Loftus-Cheek didn’t get up. He probably ended himself when he hit the grass quickly.


40 minutes: Vinicius has the ball at his feet on the edge of Chelsea D. There is a short chance to shoot, but with Kroos and Benzema screaming for the ball, he has fallen into three minds. Chelsea clears their lines.


38 minutes: Havertz slips on Nacho, and has the good fortune to escape the yellow card after cutting his opponent’s heel from behind. House fans aren’t happy about that either.


37 minutes: The local mood did not improve when Benzema was booked to grab Silva in the face as the pair compete for the high ball.


36 minutes: That’s it Chelsea. They’ve been fantastic so far, putting pressure on Real Madrid, keeping them in the final third. Hosts struggle to retain any kind of possession.


34 minutes: Rudiger decides to take a kick from 30 yards. He sends a fierce shot that sails off the right post. Courtois had you covered.


32 minutes: …Having said that, Real Madrid enjoyed their first spell to take possession of the pitch for a long time. Modric suddenly made a one-two induction with Benzema on the edge of the penalty area…but as he poses to counter the return pass with a shot, Casemiro blocks his way and wields it himself. Above the tape goes. Modric is not happier.


30 minutes: Real Madrid is struggling to get out of half of them. They find the Chelsea press very disturbing. Visitors control this.

Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior (left) gets hit on the ball by Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic.
Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior (left) gets hit on the ball by Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic. Photo: Gwangju Martin/EPA


28 minutes: Kovacic catches a loose ball, 30 yards from Real’s goal, and makes a dig. The ball disappears high into the defender. Chelsea seem most likely to achieve the next target now.


26 minutes: The Mount and Loftus-Cheek are well fused down the right, causing a slight slit in the middle before removing them. The Bernabeu is a little worried. Chelsea have done a good job of persuading the Real Madrid fans.


24 minutes: Vinicius almost whips James down the left. James stands firm in stopping him. The ball hits Benzema, who sends a fierce shot into the goal. Silva cashes the ball over the bar – only! – and nothing comes from the corner, despite Mindy’s undisguised flutter.


22 minutes: Loftus-Cheek has a drill of 25 yards. He hit his shot directly on Casemiro. On the flip side, Mendy against Chelsea didn’t have much to do.


21 minutes: Both groups of fans are doing a lot at the moment. No wonder there, with everything delicately balanced. In years past, Chelsea would still need two more goals, or they would be out. But there is no longer a premium on away goals, and they just need a goal now to improve it. They fan themselves to get it, as well, Werner nearly cleared down the left, shot off by Carvajal’s sliding block.


19 minutes: Vinicius drives down the left and slips. He tries to release Benzema with a clever canal strike, but the veteran old Thiago Silva reads the danger and the objections.


17 minutes: Real Madrid seemed to respond at short notice, as James gave the ball wide and allowed Vinicius to run down the left quickly. He’s gone into the box and he must have a crack, because there’s no one else with him. But he does not imagine the narrow corner, and does not intersect with anyone in particular.


Goal! Real Madrid 0-1 Chelsea (JT 15); agg 3-2

Chelsea navigate patiently. Pass, pass, pass. The crowd got a little angry. Then, suddenly, a ball fell into the left inner channel by Kovacic. Helped by Loftus-Cheek and Werner, the Mount in the box is suddenly torn down the middle! He opens his body and sends a confident – and powerful – side Courtois to the right of the goal!

Mason Mount, Chelsea player, scores his first goal.
Chelsea’s Mason Mount shoots… Photo: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters
Mason Mount, Chelsea player, scores his first goal.
and scores. Photograph: Susanna Vera/Reuters


13 minutes: Valverde’s sevens grabbed 30 yards from his own goal, surrounded by yellow jerseys. Werner and Havertz fuse down the left inner channel, and the ball swings into the penalty area before escaping from a corner kick. Rudiger meets the set piece, and sends a clear header over the bar. Much better than Chelsea.


11 minutes: Vinicius suddenly turns on the jets to drill into the left inner channel. James grabbed his flat foot, and the Chelsea player had to drag him back before the striker could break into the penalty area. Reservation for James. Benzema takes a free kick, directly to the left of D.


9 minutes: By the way, the Bernabeu is bouncing back, although a large number of seats are currently out of order due to construction work. No wonder, because the riyal began to dominate.


7 minutes: Vinicuis is sent off the left sideline, who got on to Benzema’s rear wheel. His low cross does not find anyone, but it is the first sign of the type of interaction that caused so much trouble for Chelsea last week.


6 minutes: Modric wanders around the central circle as if he owns the place, which the little genius does. He makes a nice pass through the right inner channel hoping to release Vinicius Jr., but Mindy reads the danger, and comes out of his chest to sweep. Good game all round.

Real Madrid's Luka Modric (centre right) caused problems for Chelsea players Antonio Rudiger (left), Mason Mount (centre left) and N'Golo Kante.
Real Madrid’s Luka Modric (centre right) caused problems for Chelsea players Antonio Rudiger (left), Mason Mount (centre left) and N’Golo Kante. Photograph: Juan Medina/Reuters


4 minutes: A speculative long pass under the right of Real almost exposed Chelsea. Valverde rides behind, but Kovacic gets in the way and eliminates the danger. Also, there was no one else in yellow anywhere nearby, and on the bench, Thomas Tuchel reacts accordingly, by jumping and screaming. He’s got the right funk!

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager gives instructions to his team.
Listen, is this Tuchel’s sermon one hears? Photo: Angel Martinez / Getty Images


3 minutes: Little possession of Chelsea in the middle of the park. Lots of beeps from home fans who didn’t like it once.


2 minutes: Courtois runs long…straight to Mendy in the other goal. Everything is a bit hectic.


Really, get the ball rolling, and pump it forward quickly. The goal kick for Chelsea, but the hosts made an early statement. They want to settle this tie!


The difference is out! Real Madrid wears the famous white meringue, while the European champions wear their yellow jersey in the 1980s. We will leave after a quick explosion of the priest Zadok (Transcript).

Beautiful tifo by Real Madrid fans waiting for the players when they take to the field.
Beautiful tifo by Real Madrid fans waiting for the players when they take to the field. Photo: Sean Pottrell/Getty Images


A reminder that Chelsea are not the only team hoping to return tonight. Bayern Munich late with a goal against Villarreal. Barry Glendinning would be more than that.


Thomas Tuchel speaks to BT Sport. “Everyone wants an early goal in every little game! But even if it’s the first goal tonight for Real Madrid, we won’t stop, we’ll try. Of course we’ll try to get proof we might get into their minds and cause some doubts, but if that’s the case, we’ll keep trying. We have to endure. Some risks and better counter-pressure. Timo Werner is part of it. At Southampton he hit the post three times, scored two goals and some assists, so I hope he can keep the momentum and keep going.”


Lots of old pre-game reading for you. First from Chelsea’s perspective…

… then who Real Madrid’s perspective.


Real Madrid make just one change to the named team at Stamford Bridge last week. Eder Militao is stopped, so Nacho comes.

Chelsea mixed it up, and made four changes to their starting line-up last Wednesday. Christian Pulisic, Andreas Christensen, Jorginho and captain Cesar Azpilicueta fall to the bench to be replaced by Marcos Alonso, Mateo Kovacic, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Timo Werner. N’Golo Kanté will replace Azpilicueta and withdraw the captain’s badge.


the difference

real madrid: Courtois, Carvajal, Nacho, Alaba, Mendy, Modric, Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius Jr.
Subs: Asensio, Marcelo, Lunin, Jovic, Lucas, Bale, Ceballos, Rodrygo, Mariano, Camavinga, Voedias, Marine.

Chelsea: Mendy, James, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, Alonso, Kovacic, Loftus-Cheek, Kante, Mount, Havertz, Werner.
Subs: Arrizabalaga, Christensen, Jorginho, Pulisic, Bettinelli, Chalobah, Saul, Ziyech, Azpilicueta, Sarr, Vale.

to rule: Shimon Marciniak (Poland).



If history tells us anything, it is that Chelsea’s Champions League defense will end tonight. That’s because Real Madrid beat them 3-1 at Stamford Bridge last week, and when Real Madrid won away in Europe, they made 94.4% of the time. That’s 34 times in 36 games. It’s fair to say that Chelsea are up against it statistically.

However, one man at Chelsea was responsible for one of the times Real Madrid failed to qualify. In 2019, Hakim Ziyech scored the first goal in Ajax’s impressive 4-1 victory at the Bernabeu, eliminating champions Real from the competition they had won for three consecutive years, despite losing the first leg 2-1 in Amsterdam. So he knows he can do it. Chelsea will support the memories of last season when they knocked out Real Madrid in the semi-finals. Real Madrid is still the frontrunner to go forward, of course… but nothing has been signed and sealed yet. The match begins at the Bernabéu at 8 pm GMT, 9 pm in Madrid. It’s up!