Reddit is hosting what might be the only good fan war right now

A screenshot of r/Place shows Elden Ring and Hollow Knight fans getting together.

screenshot: Reddit / Kotaku

Who produced this amazing pixel art from elden ring‘s Rani Sitting next to the protagonist Hollow NightAnd why? answer r/place, Reddit Battlefield Where anyone can put a point and change the course of the meme history. In an era when so much of the modern internet was trash, r/Place is back and is still really cool.

April Fools’ joke, part of a social experiment, the Pixel Internet mural is back after a five-year hiatus and bigger than ever. Originally First appeared in 2017 With one simple vanity: let random internet users collaborate on artwork but only let them place one pixel every five minutes. The results ranged from expected to strange. Some people helped make Van Gogh starry night. Others created a large black void, with similar anomalies taking their own narrative as users interacted with what was revealed in real time. The idea It was Josh Wardlewas a Reddit employee at the time you might now know him as creator Word.

Now r/place is back, doubling in size, and reflecting the last half-decade of online culture and technological evolution in the process. Fans have spent the past four days They wrestle on a blank canvas To express solidarity with Ukraine and trans rights, promote meme shares, and circumvent each other’s fans. This has led to strange feuds and unexpected alliances as different pockets of the Internet and major online personalities engage in real-time acquisitions.

A summary of some of the strangest teams I mentioned more than Van Byte Offers Spiro fans Trying to unite forces With social communication fans and Langerhans fans Access to Kingdom Hearts fans. Unable to compete in a big way, most groups settle on the minimum real estate they need to properly convey their fanbase logo in pixels. For added efficiency, some groups have stitched the images together, or captured to protect art pieces located within the confines of larger acquisitions.

a Final Fantasy XIV The logo succeeded in coordinates 1274 × 534 For more than a day now. Hollow Night Meanwhile, fans are trying to protect a poem by SilkSongThe long-awaited sequel to the game. “Our biggest priority is repairing Hornet’s Needle in Silksong,” one fan rallying troops wrote on Discord. Another replied “Need help with a topic”. Meanwhile, the Elden Ring community has come together He is an Erdtree this part Hollow Night sunshine.

Twitch’s Just Chatting category is dominated by live streamers who push their followers to ambush different pieces or protect their own. Some people claim to stay up all night to protect their creations, while others claim fraud by flowing bots. As an odd example, Streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel went on tour with a group of French users he accused Being a fake account. At the same time, the stream Jack Manifold was trying to get users to use red and blue Give each character on the 3D wall glasses. To others, it made it seem like the French colors were proliferating.

Since the mural is constantly changing and its main hits are coordinated on Twitch streams, other subreddits, or dedicated Discords, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of the partial history of who does what and why. But anytime it seems like an elaborate tapestry that reflects the microcosms of internet popularity Between us to Blaspool.

“It’s kind of addictive trying to protect the piece you’re building,” said pixel artist Nyan Kat. Tell The Washington Post. “It’s like turf war, but it’s a social statement too. Like, we need to defend this little penguin right here in the corner to this guy throwing purple spots at him.”

r/ Place will be closed sometime on April 4th, at which point each community’s wins and defeats will be closed forever. Understandably, this increased the pressure as things drew to a close. One person wrote on Hollow Night Discord, “I’m sorry to all the new folks and visitors I swear we used to be kinder, it’s getting stressful now that we’re nearing the end.”