rFactor 2 latest beta includes new particle engine sounds and effects

The latest rFactor 2 beta includes new engine sounds, revised AI, and more options

A new test has been released for future rFactor 2 updates, and along with the new sounds, it includes additional setup options, UI additions, and AI tweaks.

A new candidate version of the Working 2 PC based driving simulator has been released – and includes a host of gameplay add-ons.

For those out of the loop, the rFactor 2 release filter is an optional preview of upcoming features and feedback will help the development team ahead of the official launch in the future.

Chief ones revised engine sounds. This will be in effect both outside, for replays and esports, and inside vehicles. In the example shown at the end of a teaser video, the LMP2 machine appears to have more texture to its engine sound, with crisper pop and pulsations when overtaking, and more feedback from the transmission.

In the same view, you can see more sparks added – reminding us of The RaceRoom Racing Experience update from the middle of last year. The Particle Effect update also includes changes to puddle spots.

The Chevrolet Corvette Safety, or Speed, has also seen a new makeover, now with Physical Display (PBR) for more photo-realistic visuals. However, the C6 body style remains.

A major change in gameplay is the protection against underspeed. Smash the gear paddle down too quickly in the past and that could overclock the engine and result in retirement – which is exactly what happened to Daniel Juncadilla at the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual earlier this year.

rFactor 2 Corvette Safety, update April 2022

There are many changes to the user interface. Significantly revised in January, new features have been added to help prepare a wet track with greater accuracy, select vehicle options, and eliminate AI opponents. Speaking of which, they are said to be much smarter when it comes to tire strategy – we have to see how it actually works.

Below is the full changelog, also highlighting the variable lighting effects and driving line aids. Let us know in the comments below what you think of these upcoming changes.

Release Candidate V1.1128 update notes

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  • Updated Safety Vehicle added to Retail and ModDev. Remove the old safety car.
  • Visual driving line feature added, this can be toggled from settings
  • The texture cache has been removed to simplify the loading a bit
  • Added an option to set the amount of water on the roads at the start of the session.
  • RealRoad accounts rate increased by almost x4.
  • Added a server option to disable real-way faster accounts, this adds approximately 4KB per client to the server overhead.
  • Minor update of default weather conditions for various profiles (rainy / cloudy / sunny, etc.)
  • Updated how roads and rain are reported. Old percentage values ​​are now drawn to a specific percentage of each frame of conditions, to mask the true absolute state in the game. The default information display has been updated to display a text description.
  • The default wet weather system disable point in the rear fender system has been corrected to work with the new weather ranges.
  • Fixed an issue where cameras restricted to certain paths would not work properly in replays.
  • Extended Freelook mode to allow control across the Joypad as well as adjustments for exposure, aperture, sensor size, and focus.


  • The interval for fixed Map Maker updates has been reduced from 5 minutes to 10 seconds. This should result in smoother changes in lighting at dawn/dusk and as weather conditions change.
  • Sky color correction to remove cyan effect
  • Slight exposure adjustments Adjust the color of the sky when the sun is at its highest.
  • Minor atmospheric corrections, including linking AirMass to atmospheric pollution,
  • Slightly reduce the brightness of the fog
  • Low exposure to the touch when the sun is about 10 degrees high.
  • Improved cloud selection in different weather settings
  • Minor cloud texture improvements
  • Fixed an issue where clouds at really high altitudes would disappear
  • Fixed issues with lighting interpolation in the sky view at dusk/sunrise, which could result in jumps in luminance values.
  • Fixed puddle spots not set when raindrops are not in use (set to off or scene viewer)
  • Constant illumination on mist during wet conditions and modified particle profile
  • Updated reflections on PBR Road and Curb Shaders
  • Updated Rain Particle and Fixed View settings on Ultra Wide Screens
  • Passed through particle settings to refine mist, dust, smoke and more.
  • Fixed an issue in VR where scenery is too much
  • Fixed an issue in VR where playback mode is not displayed correctly
  • Driver labels now work in VR
  • Sparks!
    • New behavior archetype concept in rF2Particles.pcd file.
    • New Sparks model brings:
      • Particle motion and motion blur based on camera movement that can be fixed at the target camera refresh rate (shutter speed)
      • Movement behavior depends on estimates of air flow around the vehicle.
      • Terrain and vehicle collisions.
      • Extra light emission from particles.
  • A new spark particle effect that activates when points under the vehicle rub against the ground.
  • Backward compatibility with existing cars and tracks.


  • An improved oil and water cooling system has been implemented with new parameters in the .hdv file The new model includes:
    • Direct heat transfer between water and oil
    • oil cooler
    • thermostat switch
  • Separate front and rear brake channels
  • Configurable gearshift protection added
  • A new algorithm for wet road calculations affects how quickly surfaces are wet and dry, taking into account drainage, humidity, ambient temperature and weather conditions in the sky.
  • Updated tire grip calculations on wet areas


  • Added AI dry tire strategy (random dry tire in practice, soft in qualifying and trying to choose an appropriate tire for sprint strategy in the race)
  • The AI ​​now checks if you want to change the tire type just before entering the pothole and not at the beginning of the lap
  • Fixed several issues with AI Tire Selection when session and weather changes – such as not switching to wet tires when they were dry before but are now wet.
  • Fixed an issue where road condition calculation when changing session was not fully calculated.
  • Fixed an issue where cars that would not allow refueling in the pit would run a full tank in practice and qualify
  • Prevent AI from leaving drilling in a closed session
  • Fixed an issue where if there was a set of valid wet tires, the intermediate tires would switch to dry tires by default.

user interface

  • Always show official static servers in the server list even if the filters are active.
  • The warm-up restart button is also enabled when the event is in the race session.
  • Updated button layout in session controls and setup summary.
  • Added fade from screen when leaving the event or restarting.
  • Added frame name condensation when it is too long to fit into the event ranking table.
  • Help text added when hovering over various settings
  • Music has been added to the showroom
  • Changed breaking long chat lines to only break at full words
  • Fixed an issue with the Control popup getting stuck after setting the tab key
  • Define disabled user text everywhere except for text fields
  • Added highlighting for values ​​of assigned control keys when hovering with the mouse
  • Improved transition between different profiles in the Graphics and Game settings menus
  • Precise design of car categories in the event screen
  • Optimized design for car categories in full screen order bar
  • The “maximum virtual wheel angle” setting is disabled when the “maximum wheel angle mode” is set to auto
  • The Steering Wheel Range setting is disabled when the Adjust range by vehicle setting is enabled.
  • Hide the vehicle selection menu when the driving/viewer popup appears when joining a server directly using the join link
  • Changed the search for cars and tracks so that the list scroll position remains at the top after the search (clearing the search text will scroll to the selected item)
  • Vehicle selection is enabled on the server during the training session
  • Made it possible to add multiple custom graphics profiles
  • It made it possible to add many custom gameplay difficulty profiles
  • Always sort “All Tracks & Cars” at the top of the list in the single player series selection
  • Added display tile backup image in case the actual image cannot be loaded
  • Updated view, news, store, tile image background setting and scaling
  • Added option to extend server chat window to full height
  • Setup notes for a featured setup (which you have clicked in the setup menu but not yet loaded) appears on the setup summary page
  • Setup notes can now be written to the setup summary page (setup still needs to be saved to save changes)
  • When setting is saved, the current path folder will be selected by default (instead of the loaded setup folder)
  • Removed automatically to expand all items in the car and track selection after searching
  • Add highlighting to selected discount filters
  • Fixed multiplayer screen with drive/spectrum popup very soon when + connect is used to join a server, if content installation is still in progress and when
  • You can now select vehicle upgrades directly from the vehicle selection screen without going to the showroom (either in single player or multiplayer)
  • Disable single player network mode if qualification is enabled
  • Two new gearbox diagrams have been added:
    • Maximum speed for each gear
    • RPM after overclock
    • The current histogram, gear spacing, is kept as a third option
  • Fixed occasional blank page in first launch wizard when going to exit and back screen
  • Rearrange difficulty settings and sliders
  • Singleplayer RealRoad settings are now enabled only when the weather preset is set to ‘Scripted’
  • The “Strength of Orientation Effects” setting has been renamed to “Force Orientation of Feedback”
  • Singleplayer ‘Race Laps’ and ‘Race Time’ settings are now disabled/enabled based on ‘End criteria’ setting
  • A single player session can now also be enabled by clicking on the disabled session button in a quick event


  • Added IBL Visualizer debug tool to Scene Viewer (already in ModDev)
  • Texture UV Mip Debug tool added to Scene Viewer (already in ModDev)
  • Added AI Vocal Strategy Player file correction option for Mod Dev (pit strategies, tire changes and when you decide what they do – can be expanded in the future).
  • Fixed cloudy preview mode (note: this is not quite the same as in the game)
  • Loch Drummond wet mask samples updated


  • New 3D sound engine
  • The amount of simultaneous effects has been increased to 256
  • Filtration system and environmental effects
  • Proper cockpit filter
  • Automatic detection of open and closed cockpits for environmental influences and filtering
  • Sound effects like sliding, hurdles, pebbles, wind, hang and many more now work online and in replay
  • Support for full surround sound settings
  • Support HRTF (Binaural Experience)
  • Enhanced VR Experience
  • Compatible with the previous generation
  • Many new sound effects
  • Support for broadcast microphones on the roadside
  • Every car now makes audible ambient noise around the entire track
  • A new, modern and customizable file format with more freedom for audio designers
  • Debugging tools optimized for developer mode

Formula Pro V0.93

Added TEST version which includes shift protection, push-to-pass, engine cooling and split cooling tubes

Branches IR-18 V0.93

Added TEST version which includes shift protection, engine cooling and coolant pipe splitting

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