Rumored that the OnePlus foldable has got me excited about OnePlus again

We’re completely unimpressed by recent OnePlus hardware like the OnePlus 10 Pro and the company’s software strategy that’s combining forces with Oppo. The brand seems to be losing its identity, as it has become just another sub-brand under the BBK Electronics umbrella. While OnePlus has never been the asymmetric alternative startup that has always positioned itself and has always had the support of its parent company, it has managed to build a nice mix of hardware and software that sets it apart from the competition.

Honestly, this new phase of OnePlus no longer tempts me at all. Although I loved the original Nord phone and purchased it as my personal primary phone, it quickly fell off the company’s radar, with the company only now beginning to beta testing Android 12 on it. I really don’t trust the company’s software anymore.


However, the synergy between OnePlus and Oppo may have something positive in store. The latest rumors suggest that OnePlus may be releasing a foldable device of its own soon, presumably based on the same hardware as the Oppo Find N, which is one of the best avenues for a foldable phone so far in my opinion.

Oppo Find M vs Z Fold3 cover screen closed

the left: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. right: Oppo Find N.

Unlike the current king of foldable phones that look like tablets, the Galaxy Z Fold3, the Find N comes with a regular-sized external display that isn’t too narrow to comfortably type on. Thanks to the improved hinge design, the Find N also has no visible crease when opened, making your viewing and touch experience much better. Another feature: Find N closes semi-flush.

Why not just get Find N?

While I don’t really care about OnePlus anymore, the big problem with Oppo’s foldable is that it’s not currently available internationally. while you Could you Import it from China, it doesn’t run the international version of ColorOS, which means you don’t have easy access to your usual Google apps and Play Services out of the box. Personally, I don’t want to mess with an expensive phone to run it well, and anyway, we all know that’s something most people expect when they get an Android phone.

Oppo Find in Hero (2)

If OnePlus does indeed launch a similar foldable device internationally, it will surely come with the Play Store and all the usual Google apps and services pre-installed. This would make it much easier to use, and I could count on regular software updates not likely to break everything I had installed and modified before.

I might not fall in love with OxygenOS on this foldable phone, if it actually launched, but at least I’ll be able to enjoy most of the mods Google has offered with Android 12L, provided it comes with that version of the OS. Considering that I’ve used some other BBK Electronics like the ones on Realme or iQOO, I also can’t say that I really hate what the clumping is doing to their skins. I find Xiaomi’s MIUI a much broader departure from the way Google’s Android looks.

What about the other folds?

I had the opportunity to Play with Honor Magic V While I was at MWC 2022, which has a similar approach to an external display as the Fold N. However, just like the Find N, we haven’t heard any news regarding an international launch, let alone one in the US, so it’s still money on the OnePlus flavor of the Find N .

Honor Magic V 1 hands-on

Honor Magic V

Vivo, another BBK sub-brand for electronics, is also supposed to launch a Find N-like phone this week, but of all we can do right now, it’s another China-exclusive version that likely won’t hit international markets.

Thus, OnePlus is our only chance to get the Play Store-equipped Vivo Fold N version, which I, for example, agree with.

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