Samsung must be ready to tackle this serious Apple iPhone threat in 2022

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Although they make some of the best cheap Android phones, Samsung is still the only original Android manufacturer that gives Apple a hard time. No other manufacturer has that kind of depth to its premium lineup as Samsung does. This enables the company to compete effectively against Apple’s iPhone.

For years, Apple only released one new iPhone model each year. Android OEMs like Samsung have launched many flagship devices and countless others in the low to mid-range segments. Apple has consciously targeted only the high-end chip that has worked extremely well for the company.

Apple has changed things quite a bit in recent years. It now launches several new iPhone models in one year. The 5.4-inch iPhone mini was sold to meet the needs of customers who don’t want big phones. This has enabled the company to extract more value from its smartphone lineup without having to dilute it.

For the most part, Samsung has competed with iPhones with its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices. Since the first Galaxy Fold was introduced in 2019, the company has had another weapon up its sleeve, since the folds are a part that Apple seems to have given up on innovation.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and especially the Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been an incredible success. Samsung’s decision to suck the discontinued Galaxy Note series into the Galaxy S22 Ultra also proved to be a great debate.

However, this year, Samsung is still standing up to what may be the most serious iPhone threat yet. The new iPhones that have appeared over the past few years have not brought any revolutionary changes. That is expected to change with the iPhone 14 due to be released later this year.

Rumor has it that four new iPhone 14 models will be on display. The 2022 iPhone 14 Pro models are said to ditch the notorious Face ID notch in favor of a punch-hole, unlike Samsung’s Infinity-O display.

It may also choose a thicker body to make the rear camera bump stable with the back glass. Other rumored changes include a titanium frame, vapor chamber heat system, and camera upgrades. It’s not yet clear how exactly this is true, but that’s what Apple loyalists expect for 2022.

If true, these will be some of the most significant changes that have been made to the iPhone in years, and will likely lead to increased demand. The challenge for Samsung is twofold: potentially winning over existing iPhone users before upgrading and preventing smartphone users from buying their first iPhone.

Samsung has managed this to an extent with some of its current devices. The form factor, style, and unique capabilities of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have impressed iPhone users who weren’t committed to the entire Apple ecosystem. Samsung’s robust Galaxy S lineup continues to lure smartphone buyers who might consider buying an iPhone.

This will become more of a challenge once the new iPhone 14 models hit the market this year. Samsung will have limited weapons in its arsenal to fight it off. The Galaxy S22 series has already been launched and there is no other flagship lineup in the second part of the year. It is clear that the entire responsibility rests with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung needs to bring significant improvements to both devices to make them more attractive to customers. The steps could include everything from improving the cameras to making the devices more powerful, stylish and capable. The four-year Android OS upgrades that have already been promised to future devices increase its appeal.

The company’s decision to lower the prices of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 made a significant contribution to its excellent sales performance. The additional price cut, especially for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, may help the company win over customers who are willing to spend higher bucks on a new smartphone and may be willing to experience an entirely unique form factor.

Samsung can also try to revive the sales momentum of the Galaxy S22 series in the second half of this year with lucrative promotions and offers. We’ve seen the company take this route in the past, too. This will enable her to get as much value as possible from the 2022 starting line-up.

There is no denying that the threat to the Apple iPhone in 2022 is serious. Samsung needs to play its cards properly to make sure it stays within walking distance of the fruit company. Since it is already considering an iPhone subscription program that Samsung may not be able to replicate, it is imperative that Samsung shows that it will not back down without a fight.