San Antonio vs Portland, Final Score: Tottenham escape Blazers 113-92 – Magic number cut to two

In a game fraught with big kicks by Portland and San Antonio on multiple occasions, it was Spurs that generated the push that mattered in the end and won 113-92. The Blazers blasted off a 15-2 run out of the gates, which gave it back fairly quickly to hosts Spurs. Portland rode a hot run in the second quarter to grab the advantage and looked very capable of overcoming the sluggish San Antonio team.

The San Antonio players turned the game in their favour in the third game and halted any further visitor rounds. Both teams were close to finishing with a terrible 3-point shot the entire time, but San Antonio was able to communicate enough in the second half to reach a respectable percentage. San Antonio managed to achieve a regular season sweep of their Oregon counterparts, pushing their losing streak to seven.

San Antonio, missing all-stars Dignity Murray Naseer Center Jacob Boeltelhe was walking Keldon Johnson (28 points), who picked up his sixth consecutive game of 20 points, Three Jones (18 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds), Zach Collins (18 points, 13 rebounds).

Portlandwithout a star Damian Lillard And a massive rotation unit, led by a veteran Ben McLemore (19 points, 3 assists), junior Keon Johnson (19 points) and Drew Eubanks (13 points and 13 rebounds).

Tonight’s score – combined with the Lakers’ previous 118-129 loss to the Nuggets – reduced Tottenham (33-45) The magic number to two and move them two games ahead Los Angeles Lakers (31-47) for tenth place with a tie-breaker in hand. San Antonio Beat also knocked Sacramento Kings Out of the play-off for the sixteenth consecutive season.


  • ESPN’s 5:30 PM SportsCenter version featured a beautiful piece about University of South Carolina front MVP Aliyah Boston, who received the high school memorial jersey (as the Virgin Islands all-female player) upon her graduation. This t-shirt is now hanging next to one that was previously done for the non-original Sixth Son Timothy Theodore Duncan.
  • The Tottenham 2.19 assist-to-turn ratio could set the NBA all-time record if it held up through these last four games. This is some good ball protection. Tonight was no different as they had 25 assists for 12 transformations.
  • Game Sequence #1 – Air mod version: after feeding from Walker IV late in the opening frame, Vasil He ended up dipping into a tomahawk, but more effort than capable of Eubank Force him to open a house instead.
  • Game Sequence #2 – NBA Jam Edition: Late in the first half, Vasyl finds a piece of Johnson for one-handed dipping
  • I was trying to find out what Jones Move the go-to and settle on “Drift left to right in the lane to get a scoop.”
  • Devine’s actions: At first , Vasil He looked away from the cannonball that locked onto him, giving him a little space to draw three.
  • Other than the big body in traffic, idle Tottenham They couldn’t find their shooting touch and blazer Jump forward 15-2 – with Greg Brown III Supplying external buckets during initial run-up. Eubank Finally he kept his promise to affect the game differently after the last set of losses to Tottenham With its rebound and immersion. Back to back three times before Vasil And the Jones Cut the deficit in half. buckets of Jock Landal And the Keita Pets Diop pulled Saint Anthony within two. After a bunch of mistakes, a Josh Richardson float equals things in 23, and Walker IV Three tight 12-0 inning to finish quarter and put Tottenham Top 26-23.
  • Landale He turned his ankle in the first minute of the second quarter and looked visibly affected – leaving Zach Collins And the only big spin. Reggie Berry A few thefts were passed and diverted in transition to help the Blazers regain an advantage. after Collins It was wrapped up and a clear foul was awarded, a fan can be heard shouting “Let’s play some defense O’Brother!” Romeo Langford I got some floor time and helped out Collins lies down. else Eubank Dunk pushed his team by a nine. Keldon Three pulled out of San Antonio within four in the last minute. A pair of back door parts macklemore Combined with a three-point draw, he has eight consecutive points and Portland He went on a breakup 56-48.
  • Collins The home bank hits the clock by three to start the third frame. Jones went on a 5-0 personal tour to force a tie. Joshua Primo Then he made his presence felt all over the court, whether it was for grabbing rebounds, investigating defense to pass chances, or in general being an unexpected bug. blazer. Johnson And the Cousins Gave catching and shooting triples Saint Anthony By eight points in another massive round. The teams exchanged baskets for several minutes until a pair of Beats Dube Buckets followed by free throws from Walker IV Make it 80-70 going to fourth.
  • At the beginning of the fourthJones He was the beneficiary of another clear-cut blunder from Portland, which allowed San Antonio to extend its supremacy. consecutive triples from Walker IV And the Johnson It made it a 15 point game. Vasil He hit the neck and was immediately knocked out of the game, while his teammates put the finishing touches on their six wins in their last seven matches.

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Saint Anthony heads Denver To take over nuggets The team that took down Lakers Today, Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm Central time