Skull session: Buckeyes hires Tanner Holden to play football, Ohio State sells bunch of tickets, Teradja Mitchell misidentifies

Guys, I’m officially a Columbus resident.

My only request is that God raise the heat and the sun outside. I’m sure he’s not in Georgia anymore.

Word of the day: stay.

Two star athletes. The Ohio State collars added some small reinforcements this week with Wright State winger/Tanner Holden announcing plans to join the team. As it turns out, this is actually his *second* chance to become Buckeye; It was his first appearance on the football field.

At Wheelersburg High School in southeastern Ohio, he had a 2017 Division V overtime winning touchdown pass for the state title, was named the state’s top offensive player of the year in the Division V and was one of the finalists – As a junior already – for the Ohio State soccer mr.

OSU coach Urban Meyer even sat him down before the Buckeyes game with UNLV and asked him to imagine playing for the Crimson and Gray.

“Oh, I gave him a sure look,” Holden recalled Thursday night, after scoring 16 points at the top of the team and racking up nine rebounds to lead Wright State to a 75-62 victory over Cleveland State at Notre Center.

As for grooming Ohio State, Holden said, “It was just a huge opportunity that you just can’t pass up. Not many people get that opportunity.

“But I looked at longevity and felt that if I played basketball somewhere, I could make an impact in my freshman year. And at Ohio State or at another big school, I had to sit back a few years and waste time.

“I didn’t want to regret my decision to quit basketball just to chase a big name or try to get verified on Instagram or Twitter.”

After averaging over 20 points per season and losing 37 in a NCAA Championship game, I’m pretty confident in saying he made the right career choice.

I think it’s also safe to say Ohio State would have done well at the reception site without him. So, no harm is done everywhere.

packed house. Hey, people seem excited to see Buckeye football in the boot again.

Seasonal ticket sales for football games in Ohio are back to pre-pandemic levels, according to numbers provided to The Dispatch on Friday.

The school has sold 53,606 season tickets to the general public, faculty and staff for the upcoming 2022 season, Associate Athletic Director of Ticket Reservation and Premium Seats, Brett Scarbrough, said in an email.

It’s the first time Ohio State has sold more than 50,000 non-student season tickets since COVID-19 began affecting attendance two years ago and is the best-selling since 53,926 sold in 2017.

I’m sure it pays to have five home games this season against opponents who could realistically rank in the top 25, including Notre Dame and Michigan. I’m not sure you can make a better and more marketable home list outside of a video game.

But whatever the reason, it would be great to see that concrete cathedral rock this season.

other traga. You would think a returning captain who was once a top 50 recruit and is now back for his big season with the team would be very easy for fans to identify with, all things considered.

Turns out you would be very wrong!

I feel your pain, Tiradja. People confuse me for Jacob Elordi all the time. It becomes very stressful when correcting them.

And the winner is… Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Duke was dumped and Coach K ended his career with the Final Four losing to his biggest opponent. You couldn’t write it better. However, North Carolina’s victory put a highly paradoxical end to the 11-watt bow challenge.

With none of the 1,092 entries picking North Carolina for the national title, and both the first and second-place finishers picking Kansas to win, the competition was concluded before tonight’s title game.

Boring as hell, but here are the 10 best headings for us tonight:

Top 10

We’ll wait until it’s official, but congratulations to Jimijmac and TheJarzenski for having two bad arcs in our entire group. Expect an email from me in the next couple of days.

Today’s song. “Perfection” by One Direction.

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