Slope notes of 8,770 secret words of the witch queen “Destiny 2”

Yesterday, Bungie posted a mid-season drop on Destiny 2 lore, which is quite unusual. But I quickly realized what had happened, as Bungie was posting a massive amount of classified information gleaned from the Collector’s Edition of The Witch Queen, as fans reassembled the “lost” pages from the hidden magazine that translates to a lot of knowledge.

8,770 words exactly. For reference, the first Harry Potter book consists of 76,000 words. Go combo team.

There is a lot to do, so I thought I’d do just that and post a summary of the cliff notes of what was found there. I’m not sure anything results in a file particle Revealed (keep in mind that this was technically released before the Witch Queen story was revealed), but it certainly does a great job of capturing the world and recent events. I’ll try to go in order, because these sections work together one on top of the other:

  • We start sending Mithrax and Ikura messages to each other. Mithrax is very sad because he talks about learning to accept the fallen who were not chosen for the light, and he still doesn’t know why the traveler left in the first place. Ikura assumes that the traveler only stayed with humanity because he needed to actively grow an army to defend himself instead of moving forward. It also wonders if humans are on the verge of extinction before they can leave the solar system.
  • Next, there’s a passage called Psychometric Field Tests, which talks about, among other things, how the FWC studies how ghosts resurrect us, although it is likely that this research was lost with Lakshmi. A short clip afterwards talks about The Drifter and how he refers to the “spectra of light,” the powers that his ghost has access to because of the modifications he’s made to them. They believe that because Drifter’s terrifying past pushed him and his ghost to the extreme, his ghost may have “combined with a new way of thinking about light”. Hmmm.
  • Ikora and Zavala are playing the game of Go. Ikora plays suboptimally because it is interested in knowing where the game will go if it moves in that direction. Zavala is all about winning as efficiently as possible.

  • There is an interesting report on the “Hidden Agent” that says we cannot fully trust any of the fallen. She does not advocate their extinction, but views what happened with Eramis as a fiasco. She says we can’t trust Variks because of how many times he changed his positions. Mithrax says it’s “anomalous,” but we can’t judge an entire race based on one good egg. The suggestion is that we give the fallen spaceships and let them go to colonize the stars elsewhere, instead of continuing to establish a foothold on Earth as they do with House Light.
  • There is then a lengthy discussion of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which then develops into a discussion of the more complex recurring Prisoner’s Dilemma, about two societies cooperating or declaring war on each other to secure the grain. The bottom line here is that the only result in the end is an infinite war that seems to echo the eternal struggle between light and darkness. It’s a good read on some real-world philosophical/logical questions. This is what I would say is the main conclusion that this really long passage draws:

That is why the light erases the memory. It removes the pain of the past to break the pattern. To create the possibility of grace.

This is why the dark remembers. We need to remember how we were hurt, so we can avoid being hurt again.”

  • Then there is a letter from Chalco, a Hidden Hunter agent who appears frequently in these magazines, to Ikora about VIP #2014 whom Ikora considers a “true friend”. This important person… is us. The clip talks about how our ghost, Ghost, absorbs the shock of all the dangers we take, and the fact that he’s been possessed by darkness so many times now. “One stone can change the whole scene of a painting,” says Ikura, going back to Go. It seems we are that stone.
  • Finally, there’s an incredibly long conversation between Arash Jalal and Ikura Rai from Dead Orbit that focuses on the “Truth to Power” scripts, the popular and misleading traditional passages of Forsaken. Ikura’s conclusion is that they are So Trick The correct answer is to read it clearly, and keep going back to some of the main points referred to in the paragraphs: “Black holes. Simulation Vex. Redness. Manipulation of the tribute cell. So our answer should include all of these four.” Eventually, the conversation developed into a meta topic about whether this entire world (fate) is a simulation in a larger world, and there are implications that Savathon is trying to break the fourth wall to connect to those higher beings (us) in what is out there. It is called the “original universe”. This entire section is great and probably worth a full read on its own. Maybe a few readings.

Well, interesting things are all over the place here. Nothing possibly earth-shaking, but hints of what’s to come, perhaps? we will see.

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