Square Enix boss still says NFTs are the future of gaming

Large 3D towers of characters from Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

picture: Square Enix / Kotaku

Remember back in January When the president of Square Enix, Yusuke Matsuda, posted that horrific message about a future in which video games will appear. NFTs And blockchain technology? Well, even though a lot of gamers and developers criticized the message, Matsuda didn’t hold back. And in a new interview, he went on to explain how excited he is about blockchain.

It was also monitored and translated VGCMatsuda sat with him recently Yahoo Japan For an interview, he went on, even after all the reactions and tricks, to explain that Square Enix’s future would be filled with blockchain and NFT-powered games.

“So far, in most games, we have presented the content as the final product,” Matsuda explained. “And players have played this content. However, there are a certain number of gamers in the world who want to contribute to making games more exciting by creating new settings and ways of playing.”

According to Matsuda, the plan is to “use” these people to help make games that can “continue to evolve” over time, after the game’s initial release. And it seems that the plan (which is still a mystery) is that Square Enix can use the blockchain to reward these creators and players.

“If, instead of relying on goodwill, we can also provide incentives to those who contribute to development through the use of technologies such as blockchain, there is a possibility that innovative and interesting content will be created from the ideas of the users.”

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To be clear: the idea of ​​paying players who create cool mods or levels for PC for games like dreams It is something I fully support. dreams And other games like Super Mario Maker And little big planet It often relies heavily on a small group of people who create great things for the rest of the player base. I would argue that these creators should get paid, considering they make games more valuable to players by creating more content. Well, I was impressed by offering incentives to content creators. However, this does not need to include blockchain technology or NFTs. Alternatively, you can just pay the creators with money, no blocks of chains required.

It’s interesting to see Matsuda continue to push all that shit out of NFT after his widely mocked New Year’s open letter. In that chaos full of buzzwords, Some people play games for fun, Matsuda said, before explaining that others play “to contribute” and that Square Enix wants to motivate these players. Again, just like in his last interview with Yahoo JapanActual details are not shared.

However, as pointed out VGCthe lack of details about these plans didn’t stop a much-criticized January letter from pushing one of the publishers The biggest rise in stock prices in months. So it is likely that Matsuda and Square Enix will continue to move forward into the boring future of monkeys Expensive JPEGs and Wasted and Destructive Encoding TechnologyAt least, until investors stop paying attention.

Square Enix boss wants the company to join A growing list of game publishers And studios who make (and sometimes apologize for) plans to bring NFTs inside Video games. In 2021, Ubisoft has pissed off a lot of people (including some of its own employees) After announcing plans to bring boring-looking NFT equipment to file Ghost Recon A game no one plays anymore. (spoiler: Nobody really bought any of that crap..)

and even the so-calledSuccess storiestend to finish Huge losses and embarrassing mistakes.

Recent example: A hacker has exhausted more than 600 million of Axi Infinity due to security abuse. However, since there is money to be made, the big game companies will keep moving forward, Even blaming their fans For not getting NFTs, While continuing to ignore all criticism and backlash Basim Make a few quick bucks.