Surface Duo 2 drops to $999 for the first time at Microsoft, Amazon, and Best Buy

Surface Duo 2 HeroboxSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft is listening to some of its critics who like the Surface Duo 2 but feel the starting price of $1,499 is too high,, Amazon, and Best Buy are now offering the Surface Duo 2 for just $999 for the 128GB model, while the 256GB version is Only $1099. That’s a hefty $500 off the original price.

Customers can save up to an additional $700 off the $999 price at Best Buy if they trade in their current phone, making the Surface Duo 2 a viable option for those curious about the dual-screen experience.

Microsoft and Best Buy recently made a temporary sale on the Surface Duo 2, bringing the price down to $1,250, but that ended two weeks ago.

While some may see this as a sign that the Surface Duo is imminent “3”, our sources indicate that Microsoft won’t update this device until sometime in 2023.

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Surface Duo 2 | 500 dollars off

The Surface Duo 2 is a unique foldable device with two screens. It can run apps side by side or extend apps across both screens. The second generation Duo improves over its predecessor in several key areas, including having better cameras, screens, and software. Later this year, the Duo 2 should receive an update to Android 12L, which is optimized for tablets and foldable devices.

While the Surface Duo 2 has been difficult to operate, Microsoft has since introduced three core updates that significantly improve the device. We recently re-examined the topic a few weeks ago, noting that all major issues and bugs with the Surface Duo 2 have been addressed making it much easier to recommend to those who want to try something new.

Our colleague MrMobile (aka Michael Fisher) also did a 13-minute long-term review, also noting that the Surface Duo 2 has improved significantly since its initial launch.

Interestingly, one of Fisher’s complaints about the device was the price, stating that “…$999 is a better price point for a device with many compromises,” referring to the mid-range camera. Today’s price drop has at least removed the criticism.

Of course, Microsoft can still do more with the Surface Duo 2. The improvements to the Glance Bar to allow access to third-party app notifications are one area (something we’re hearing in the works), and the improvements to the camera software aren’t at all a bad thing, More capabilities for the optional Surface Slim Pen 2 writing are welcome. It would also be nice to see the advancements in typing (SwiftKey) and Microsoft Launcher (more customizations).

The Surface Duo 2’s life extension is Android 12L, which is expected “later this year” according to Google. This OS update should improve the dual screen experience while also allowing app developers to easily optimize apps to span both screens.

Either way, if you’re looking forward to the Surface Duo 2, heading to your local Best Buy to try one out for $999 feels like a no-brainer if the design interests you. If you’re unsure about a commitment, ordering through Microsoft also gives you a generous 60-day return policy. And don’t forget to pick up the best Surface Duo 2 accessories to complete the experience.

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