Gabe Kapler doesn’t care about unwritten rules

Gabe Kapler is here to destroy the shooters’ arms.picture: Getty Images The buddy cops driving the unwritten MLB rules squad car last night were Bob Melvin and Eric Hosmer of SDPD. Padres The manager and first consecutive main man had trouble with a single song by the giants Companion man Mauricio Dupont in the sixth … Read more

Nestor Curtis, Yankees Bullpen Close the mighty Blue Jays

Leave it to Nestor Curtis Jr. to tame the Blue Jays and get the Yankees back on track. The left-footed player, who emerged as an unexpected but valuable piece of spin last year, picked where he left off and cut a dangerous lineup across 4 point-free rounds. The Yankees took care of the rest, continuing … Read more

Padres got off to a strong start with a season-opening series win over full-back D

Phoenix – As the opening weekend came, the Padres family couldn’t ask for more. (Well, sure, they could have called for a clean ninth round Thursday night—in which case, they’d be off to a perfect start.) But overall, it was a great start to the season for a team with high aspirations. “Losing the first … Read more