Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Rifle” Exploit Is Leaving Season Two

picture: 343 industries next month, infinite aura he is New content is welcome for its second season. But for all the upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries takes something out of the campaign: the scorpion gun. The inclusion of the Scorpion pistol, also referred to as the “tank gun”, made for something … Read more

CDPR Moves From Cyberpunk 2077 To The Witcher 4 And Other Games

picture: Red Projekt CD Cyberpunk 2077 movieIts best days may still be ahead, but developer CD Projekt Red announced today that it is shifting focus and resources away to other projects, including its new open world. the witcher Game. While the embattled sci-fi shooter will still get a story expansion in 2023, it doesn’t look … Read more

Where can you find the legendary gold loot in the wonderland of Tiny Tina

screenshot: gearbox / kotaku for sure, Wonders of Tiny Tina He has an end goal. Ostensibly, you’re tasked with completing a main story, something about saving the world and defeating a big bad villain and blah blah blah. But come on, we all know what it is fact The point is: find tons of kikas … Read more

Call of duty cheating accusations lead to hacking test failure

before IShowSpeed ​​on YouTube has been brought into the spotlight due to its toxicityJake Lucky, an esports commentator and person responsible for highlighting Speed’s behaviour, was also under public scrutiny. Lucky who allegedly tried to exonerate Call of Duty: War Zone A hacker with a polygraph test has been criticized for refusing to share results, … Read more

Halo Infinite Season Two Out May 3 on Xbox, PC

screenshot: 343 industries For a while now, The dominant narrative around infinite aura Is that interest in the game, confidently perched atop a first person shooter mountain, has fallen off a cliff. But that’s set to change when season two, “Lonely Wolves,” begins May 3. Folks, it looks (and looks) dope AF. infinite auraFirst released … Read more

Best Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Category: Clawbringer + Spore Warden

screenshot: Motion vector If you are in pain about which category you play in Wonders of Tiny Tina, excuse me. The game has the best clear category: Clawbringer. Wonders of Tiny TinaNow released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, it’s a fanciful reimagining of Gearbox’s longevity Borderlands A series of loot shooters. Most Borderlands The games … Read more

How to get liquid cooling

You’d think it would take a game community with 87 bazillion guns to decide which is the best. But players of loot shooter Wonders of Tiny Tina (Fact Check: less than 2 weeks ago) I’ve already crowned a present champion: a legendary layered pistol called Liquid Cooling. Wonders of Tiny Tina– Developed by Gearbox and … Read more

Halo Infinite Nerfs Mangler after a complaint from professional players

screenshot: 343 industries That sound you hear? That low buzz, that constant wailing? It’s an epitaph infinite aura fans all over the world. Developed 343 Industries will soon bring out the best weapon in multiplayer shooter, fulfilling a long-standing demand of first-class players – and fulfilling their desires. the missing, It is new in the … Read more

Top tips, tricks, secrets and more

screenshot: Motion vector If you have played BorderlandsI played Wonders of Tiny Tina. Gearbox’s latest installment, a fictional twist on the loot shooter series the studio is best known for, looks a lot like the previous four games — and 400 expansions and events — in the series. You shoot bassillion guns. Find a more … Read more

Halo TV Show – Showing Master Chief’s face is her smartest choice

The Master Chief is more than just a tank to walk in String Aura.picture: Basic We’ve known that from the start String Aura It will break from the deeply held beliefs of the beloved Microsoft game series to make its own in the familiar rhythms and ideas touched upon in more than 20 years. Years … Read more