Car prices will rise in 2022

Shopping for a new car? Have you considered waiting until 2023? All that and more in morning shift On April 18, 2022. Step one: Car companies can get away with it Car companies spend years – contracts – Desperately trying to keep prices low to stay competitive in the market. But what if..every car company … Read more

Rivian CEO on Growth, Amazon Vans, SPAC Bubble, and Low Price Electric Cars

Normal, Illinois – Rivian Automotive CEO Robert Scaringi jumps out of one of his R1T electric trucks outside the company’s plant in central Illinois as a man chants, “RJ, RJ!” Scaringe, using his initials, turns to a male employee who thanks him for working at the massive Rivian factory. The company’s 39-year-old founder reciprocates and … Read more

Nissan: Solid State Batteries ‘Potential Bomb’

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GM takes a spin on Tesla and changes its approach with a new giant truck

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Michael Wayland/CNBC Phoenix – The new GMC Hummer electric pickup is different for General Motors and not just because it’s not as fuel-intensive as its predecessors. It represents a major shift for the historically conservative Detroit automaker in both form and function, according to those who worked on it. The … Read more

Volkswagen to give up cheap cars

Nearly 20 years after Volkswagen introduced the Phaeton to the “huh?” From the buying public, Volkswagen is again doubling down on premium models that offer higher profit margins than the cheap stuff. All that and more in morning shift On April 6, 2022. Step one: It must be fun to be an Audi CEO right … Read more

Gas tax holidays have surprising deductions

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Priced at $22,900, is this 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti a bargain?

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At $3,500, Is a 1994 Ford Escort GT Wagon The Undertaker of Hoonage?

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Priced at $37,500, is this 1964 Cheetah replica a good deal?

as a seller today Good price or no dice The Cheetah version correctly indicates that the racer was Chevy’s answer to the Ford-engined Cobra that was dominant on the track. Let’s see if the price of this completed car is the answer to the current question “what is it worth?” Driving a car designed for … Read more