Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands GTFO mission is frontier at its best

picture: Motion vector Wonders of Tiny Tina activates Borderlands, thanks to fantasy-inspired breathing and an increased focus on melee attacks. A quieter but perhaps no less important change is how the shooter handles side missions. For me, this was clicked on in an early optional task called “Orcs Are Tired of Forced Persecution”. It was … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy ‘Gives Backlash on Goblin Villains: VIDEO

The public perception of a certain famous wizard and his magical school has been in decline lately. Until the announcement of the new game Hogwarts Legacyhas many scrutiny of lore Harry Potter Franchise business. In particular, the last trailer for Hogwarts Legacy A video game revealed that the plot revolves around the orc uprising. While … Read more