I lost five days and 70 credits while trying to buy a motorcycle

picture: Indian Over the past week I’ve been trying to treat myself My first new car in six years. I wanted to update my motorcycle fleet with an Indian FTR 1200. But after working with two local agencies, all I got was 70 credits and five lost days of time. As you all know now … Read more

Need a fuel efficient car to deliver packages. What should I buy?

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Honda now makes certified used cars for a decade

Photo: Honda Honda wants to sell more cars, automakers back off with stricter fuel economy standards, and Faraday’s future. All that and more in morning shift On March 31, 2022. First gear: CPO Honda said Thursday it will sell certified used cars that are 10 years old, with no mileage restrictions, which it would be … Read more

At $6950, could this 2007 Honda item be a good deal?

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This list of cars with the highest profiles doesn’t tell the whole story

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Gas tax holidays have surprising deductions

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