Toyota customization can make getting a GR Corolla difficult

Toyota has heard your GR Corolla calls and wants you to calm down. For those of you who have already called the local dealers to stand in lineGood for you to get in early. The unfortunate truth is that even if you select the options and colors you want, you probably won’t end up getting … Read more

How we’re going to steal a Toyota GR Corolla: step-by-step guide

screenshot: Disney +And picture: Steve DaSilva next week , New York International Auto Show Rolling into a small town called, aptly, New York. It promises thousands of square feet full of new cars, one-off concepts, and huge segments of electric vehicle “manufacturers” that no one has ever seen trying to portray themselves as real businesses. … Read more

Toyota GR Corolla has been around for a long time

picture: Toyota Like many of you, I eagerly anticipate this GR Corolla revealed on Thursday, because it is closest to the GR Yaris in most of North America. (I say “a lot of” because you can, in fact, Buy GR Yaris in Mexico.) I’d rather get Yaris, because it’s a bona fide special smoothing show; … Read more