California’s plan aims to triple electric vehicle sales by 2026

Sacramento, CA — California wants electric vehicle sales to triple in the next four years to 35% of all new car purchases, a strict target set as part of a goal of phasing out gas-powered cars by the middle of the next decade. The California Air Resources Board’s proposal would raise sales of new electric, … Read more

Financial Standoff: Renting a Car vs. Buying a Car – What Should You Do?

Hello and welcome to Financial Face-off, the MarketWatch column where we help you evaluate financial decisions. Our columnist will make her verdict, then you can tell us in the comments what you think. When you buy a car, you typically pay 20% cash up front, then pay off the balance in monthly payments (with interest, … Read more

ISP of Ukraine’s army in a major cyber attack

Ukrainian officials said the country’s military-used internet service provider came under a massive cyber attack on Monday, raising fears that Russia intends to use more dangerous digital weapons as the war drags into its second month. Some experts have described the attack on Ukrtelecom PJSC as among the most damaging cyber attacks since the Russian … Read more

How much more gas costs now for each type of car – see how your car stacks up

With gas prices steadily rising in the US and abroad, despite Monday’s weekly US price drop, many drivers are learning how much extra it has cost to fill up their car tanks lately. Gas prices across the country started rising before Russia invaded Ukraine. But the escalation to the war pushed them higher, and then … Read more