Square Enix boss still says NFTs are the future of gaming

picture: Square Enix / Kotaku Remember back in January When the president of Square Enix, Yusuke Matsuda, posted that horrific message about a future in which video games will appear. NFTs And blockchain technology? Well, even though a lot of gamers and developers criticized the message, Matsuda didn’t hold back. And in a new interview, … Read more

SteelSeries console + case is not the best mobile experience

The SteelSeries Stratus+ looks like a console console.picture: Florence Ion / Gizmodo and not even The best smartphone It is a complete console replacement, but can become a capable gaming machine with the right accessory. Now that there is a way to play big AAA first-person shooters and story-based RPGs with the help of cloud … Read more

How to find your AirPods with your iPhone

picture: Adam Clark Estes / Gizmodo You probably use AirPods a lot, so you don’t want to out of place With them. Apple has updated the AirPod tracking features available in the Find My app to enable you to track lost earbuds or headphones even when they’re out of Bluetooth range — here’s how to … Read more

Why is your new iPhone more scratched than your old one

picture: ARIMAG (stock struggle) My iPhone screen is a file chaos. Some of this mess makes sense: I expect cuts and scrapes on my screen when my iPhone drops, say, out of my pocket on cement. However, many of these scratches have mysteriously accumulated over time, without any misuse by me. Under direct sunlight, it’s … Read more

How to hack Android status bar

If you choose Android over iOS, one reason for your decision may be the extra configuration and customization options you get with Google’s mobile operating system — and if you’ve installed the right apps, those options widen all the way to the status bar at the top of the screen. Here we will guide you … Read more

Everything you need to play on your Mac

Photo: ]Daria Gromova (stock struggle) Are Macs good for gaming? Sorta. Macs and MacBooks in particular are not Optimized for gaming to say the leastAnd many games simply don’t support macOS. However, Mac gaming has come a long way in the past few years, and it’s easier than ever to find and play games. an … Read more

Best ways to set up your Chromebook for gaming

Photo: Arto Tahvanainen (stock struggle) Computer games are, rightly, an “evolving” computer task. While a lot of Games will Works on weak or old computers and laptopsThe biggest, the newest Games require powerful hardware and gaming-friendly operating systems Like features of Windows or SteamOS Which small productivity devices like Chromebooks lack. yet though Minor hardware … Read more

All you need to know

Photo: Toyota Car enthusiasts have been dying for some new entrants to the hot hatchback market, and one company has delivered. Meet the Toyota GR Corolla 2023. We’ll talk about everything you need to know about this new machine. Photo: Toyota Specifications you should know 6-speed manual transmission GR-FOUR all-wheel drive 300 hp 372 lb-ft … Read more

GameStop meme stock has another wild meme moment

Photo: Kotaku / Spencer Platt (Getty Images) People were waiting GameStop bubble To pop for over a year now. Instead, the struggling video game retailer posted another record week on Wall Street. earnings Down. employee morale in the pits. But the company’s stock surged from $78 a share last month to more than $185 in … Read more