Where can you find the legendary gold loot in the wonderland of Tiny Tina

screenshot: gearbox / kotaku for sure, Wonders of Tiny Tina He has an end goal. Ostensibly, you’re tasked with completing a main story, something about saving the world and defeating a big bad villain and blah blah blah. But come on, we all know what it is fact The point is: find tons of kikas … Read more

No Man’s Sky update adds new ships, more pirates and smuggling

screenshot: hello games No Man’s Sky It increases in size with the next expansion, Localized Outlaws. This free update promises to introduce players to the criminal underworld of the game by focusing heavily on activities such as smuggling and pirate raids when it goes live today. As mentioned in the video below, Outlaws turns to … Read more

Tiny Tina’s “chaos room” wonderland is full of legends

screenshot: Motion vector Wonders of Tiny Tina Don’t start to the end. The best part about Gearbox’s new loot-shooter is the end-game mode called Chaos Chamber. It’s quite a hassle, and in the end, you’d better not be able to unlock it until you’ve thrown credits, because that really spoiled the rest of the game. … Read more

Dark Souls 3 YouTuber Beats Game Without actually taking a step

Crouching is allowed.picture: FromSoftware Many FromSoftware games lead to punishment. It requires calm, patience and quick reflexes, because any wrong movement or act of panic can – and often does – lead to an unceremonious death. Therefore, you might think that making use of every tool in your arsenal when exploring FromSoft games would be … Read more

Elden Ring fans are on a quest to find the place of drunk NPCs in search of secrets

pointed souls Youtube Lance MacDonald Discover some intoxicating content that has been cut elden ringThe final build is somewhat late in development from its appearance. By working with another YouTuber named Sekiro Dobe, the two restored a surprisingly comprehensive mechanic removed from FromSoftware that made you collect dreams to make alcohol. Hello, the lands in … Read more

Giant Nvidia leak keeps prediction of 2022’s biggest games

picture: Ubisoft / Square Enix / Kotaku Last September, a huge list of potential PC games was leaked by Nvidia’s GeForce Now video game streaming service and posted online. At the time, no one knew exactly what to do with it. Was it inside information or placeholders for speculation? Evidence is now mounting that at … Read more

Call of duty cheating accusations lead to hacking test failure

before IShowSpeed ​​on YouTube has been brought into the spotlight due to its toxicityJake Lucky, an esports commentator and person responsible for highlighting Speed’s behaviour, was also under public scrutiny. Lucky who allegedly tried to exonerate Call of Duty: War Zone A hacker with a polygraph test has been criticized for refusing to share results, … Read more

Halo Infinite Season Two Out May 3 on Xbox, PC

screenshot: 343 industries For a while now, The dominant narrative around infinite aura Is that interest in the game, confidently perched atop a first person shooter mountain, has fallen off a cliff. But that’s set to change when season two, “Lonely Wolves,” begins May 3. Folks, it looks (and looks) dope AF. infinite auraFirst released … Read more

The new Kirby game ends as frighteningly as its predecessors

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Since Kirby debuted in 1992, most of his toys have started off cute and lovable only to unveil some Lovecraftian brutal horror at their conclusion. It … it Often The style we’ve come to expect from every installment. But the last outing of the pink puffball, Kirby and the Forgotten LandShe … Read more

16 Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before Getting Started

screenshot: WB Games / Disney / Kotaku LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Here it is awesome! After a long wait that took longer due to some delays, the latest and greatest entry in LEGO Star Wars The series is finally available on all major platforms. And while these games have never been known for … Read more