Halo Infinite’s “Scorpion Rifle” Exploit Is Leaving Season Two

picture: 343 industries next month, infinite aura he is New content is welcome for its second season. But for all the upcoming multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics, developer 343 Industries takes something out of the campaign: the scorpion gun. The inclusion of the Scorpion pistol, also referred to as the “tank gun”, made for something … Read more

Halo Infinite Season Two Out May 3 on Xbox, PC

screenshot: 343 industries For a while now, The dominant narrative around infinite aura Is that interest in the game, confidently perched atop a first person shooter mountain, has fallen off a cliff. But that’s set to change when season two, “Lonely Wolves,” begins May 3. Folks, it looks (and looks) dope AF. infinite auraFirst released … Read more

Halo Infinite Nerfs Mangler after a complaint from professional players

screenshot: 343 industries That sound you hear? That low buzz, that constant wailing? It’s an epitaph infinite aura fans all over the world. Developed 343 Industries will soon bring out the best weapon in multiplayer shooter, fulfilling a long-standing demand of first-class players – and fulfilling their desires. the missing, It is new in the … Read more

Halo TV Show – Showing Master Chief’s face is her smartest choice

The Master Chief is more than just a tank to walk in String Aura.picture: Basic We’ve known that from the start String Aura It will break from the deeply held beliefs of the beloved Microsoft game series to make its own in the familiar rhythms and ideas touched upon in more than 20 years. Years … Read more

Halo Show is not the game, and that’s a good thing

picture: Paramount / Microsoft It just took Spielberg director one And the one decade From the hell of development, but the view depends on Hello Finally here. I can’t believe I’m writing this: it’s really good. Surprisingly, though, there is no reason to be alarmed. Perhaps this is a case of low expectations. The initial … Read more

Halo TV premiere has a deceptive collective effect on an Easter egg

Principal Pablo Schreiber isn’t a fan of BR’s beginnings, it seems.picture: Basic The The first episode of Hello Full of nods to Microsoft’s legendary shooting franchise video game roots And its broader traditions than generations of Link in novels and comics. But she also managed to sneak in a pretty little nod to a Fellow … Read more

Halo TV series is a weird but solid adaptation

picture: Basic With all Video Game Shows And the films Expected to have it in the near future, not many people have such weird baggage as TV conditioning Hello Do. Microsoft’s flagship shooter was first announced for the TV treatment back in 2013, and has been in development for nearly a decade — meaning nothing … Read more

Halo EPs about changing the Xbox franchise law for TV

picture: 343 Industries / Paramount Although Paramount coming Hello TV series It is just one of many Video Game Shows In the world now, it’s somewhat unique in how the Xbox franchise’s relationship with TV has evolved over time. Gamers can almost certainly remember the expanded live-action marketing of Halo 3, ODST, And the Reach … Read more