Contains Super Mario Bros. blocks. Get more coins than you think

picture: Without really thinking about it, what is the maximum number of coins you can take out of multiple coin blocks originally Super Mario Bros.? Did you say 10? Well, you are wrong, but it is not your fault. You didn’t dive as deep into the 37-year-old game icon as a complete eccentric. We now … Read more

SteelSeries console + case is not the best mobile experience

The SteelSeries Stratus+ looks like a console console.picture: Florence Ion / Gizmodo and not even The best smartphone It is a complete console replacement, but can become a capable gaming machine with the right accessory. Now that there is a way to play big AAA first-person shooters and story-based RPGs with the help of cloud … Read more

The Fire Emblem warriors were actually brilliant: Defense of Musou

screenshot: nintendo Every time Nintendo publishes news about it Fire Emblem Warriors: Three HopesI’m preparing myself for a wave of anti-Muso sentiment on Twitter. Just search for “Fire Emblem” and “musou”, and you’ll see Twitter grumbling about how three housesThe sequel would be much better if you weren’t Musso. As someone I love Fire Emblem … Read more

Rethinking Chrono Trigger’s Follow Up Chrono Cross After 23 Years

Photos: Square Enix The drawing: Carl Gustafson When we were kids, we saved the world, simply put. That was a big part of the attraction Chrono player, the 1995 SNES Square masterpiece about a group of bright and colorful young heroes who cross time and space to undo a terrible future. Yes, the game can … Read more

Giant Nvidia leak keeps prediction of 2022’s biggest games

picture: Ubisoft / Square Enix / Kotaku Last September, a huge list of potential PC games was leaked by Nvidia’s GeForce Now video game streaming service and posted online. At the time, no one knew exactly what to do with it. Was it inside information or placeholders for speculation? Evidence is now mounting that at … Read more

The new Kirby game ends as frighteningly as its predecessors

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Since Kirby debuted in 1992, most of his toys have started off cute and lovable only to unveil some Lovecraftian brutal horror at their conclusion. It … it Often The style we’ve come to expect from every installment. But the last outing of the pink puffball, Kirby and the Forgotten LandShe … Read more

Game Boy Advance has been a secret haven for pioneering gamers

Photo: Adam Ismail | Racing Games on the Game Boy Advance – It’s a coupling that feels like a bad time. GBA, beloved despite having many great titles in its library, was at its core a system designed to play 2D games. Driving a car is an experience that makes great use of a third … Read more

GameStop meme stock has another wild meme moment

Photo: Kotaku / Spencer Platt (Getty Images) People were waiting GameStop bubble To pop for over a year now. Instead, the struggling video game retailer posted another record week on Wall Street. earnings Down. employee morale in the pits. But the company’s stock surged from $78 a share last month to more than $185 in … Read more

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus is just another half-measurement

Photo: Clemence Bilan/DDP/AFP via Getty Images every Friday, AV . Club Staff starts our weekly open thread discussing game plans and recent gaming glories, but of course, the real action is in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What will you play this weekend? Microsoft’s quiet and confident dominance of … Read more