Looking for an electric car! What should I buy?

picture: Hyundai Josh is looking for a replacement for his twelve year old Hyundai Genesis. However, it’s an old car that gets 22 mpg with higher fuel prices, and he wants to replace it with something electric. What car should he buy? (Welcome back What car should you buy? Where we give real people real … Read more

Toyota bZ4X 2023 first drive: an ambitious electric SUV

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X will be the Japanese company’s first attempt at an electric vehicle that will be available in all 50 states. It’s a great machine that feels as good as it drives and is loaded with updated technology – but Toyota has to do Much From work to get this $42,000 car to … Read more

The two-door turbocharged Land Rover Discovery will make you weak

I think I fell in love again. Located near my state Confusing SUV I didn’t know it existed. Now that I’ve done that, my heart longs for the 1990 Land Rover Discovery 200TDi. Its two-door SUV chassis, five-speed manual transmission, and smoky turbo chassis make me weak at the knees, so I should make you … Read more

How much more gas costs now for each type of car – see how your car stacks up

With gas prices steadily rising in the US and abroad, despite Monday’s weekly US price drop, many drivers are learning how much extra it has cost to fill up their car tanks lately. Gas prices across the country started rising before Russia invaded Ukraine. But the escalation to the war pushed them higher, and then … Read more