2021 Kia Niro EV Jalopnik review

picture: Raphael Orlov Surrounded by the blue skies of Palm Springs, windmills – as crisp white as the 2021 Kia Niro EV – spin in the hurrying winds. Sand jumped across the flat, dark sidewalk, and I pinned it to the ground. Tire smoke suffocated the cabin, as this completely nondescript refrigerator on wheels scorched … Read more

At $7,500, is this custom 2003 Volkswagen Beetle three-wheeler a bargain?

The most amazing thing of the day Good price or no dice The custom Volkswagen Trike is the seller’s claim to have put 10K on it in its current condition, Frankenstein. Let’s see if this car’s personal statement can still be made You find wide attraction at its current price. “Toss and do not drown” … Read more

This is the little part that left my Volkswagen bug stranded

Photo: Raphael Orlov Can you spot what’s a little inappropriate in this photo? It took me about an hour, but it should be faster. You don’t stand on the West Side of Manhattan with you 1974 Volkswagen Beetle Refusing to start next to you. Photo: Raphael Orlov My first assumption was that the gas had … Read more