Tesla builds anticipation for ‘Cyber ​​Rodeo’ as hidden vehicles spotted inside Giga Texas

Tesla is gearing up for a “Cyber ​​Rodeo” at the Texas Gigafactory tomorrow, and new photos from those near its new electric car production facility appear to show the automaker’s plans to make it a day he won’t remember. In what would eventually become Tesla’s second active production facility, which offers the world’s best electric vehicles to consumers, 12 vehicles were spotted under car hoods, two of which were Cybertrucks. However, in a typical way, Tesla could make the event one of the best in its history, with some predicting that some surprises could be in store because the event is now almost a day away.

Pictures were taken by UAV operator Joe Tigmeyer, who has monitored the plant’s progress nearly every day since its inception, displays a series of covered Tesla cars surrounded by convertibles. While Semi and Tesla’s passenger cars surround the covered vehicles, there appear to be two Cybertrucks, a Roadster and another one of an unusual shape.

Credit: Joe Tiggmeyer | Twitter

Obviously, Tesla could be planning to have its full car lineup at the event, just as it did at the shareholder meeting and Battery Day it hosted in late 2020. Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi were present at the event, though products are still in development at that time. Now that Tesla is close to expanding production of the three vehicles, at least in Musk’s estimation, and the expected 15,000 attendees are making their way across the world to Texas for the event, the automaker is sure to stock up on surprises in order to make it worth their while.

Tesla begins inviting 15,000 guests to the Cyber ​​Rodeo at Gigafactory Texas

What lies under the hood of every car is a mystery. The two Cybertrucks appear to be slightly different, which could indicate that Tesla plans to show off its original, modified designs of the all-electric truck at the event. In addition, he was expected to make his way to PepsiCo. Early this year, outside in plain sight.

There also appears to be a next-generation Tesla Roadster under the gray hood. Tesla has been planning to bring this vehicle to market for a few years now, with supply chain bottlenecks and the company’s focus remaining on its mass market vehicles being the main contributors to the delay.

The Cyber ​​Rodeo will take place tomorrow, and along with the factory tours, a letter is expected from CEO Elon Musk, who can provide some additional details regarding Tesla’s plans for the factory. While we know that Tesla is currently manufacturing the Model Ys at the plant with plans indicating that the Cybertruck and Semi will be produced there in the future, Musk could elaborate on Tesla’s exact plans for its newest plant.

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Tesla builds anticipation for ‘Cyber ​​Rodeo’ as hidden vehicles spotted inside Giga Texas