The ‘abandoned’ PS5 horror game turned into a messy epic

A screenshot from Blue Box Game Studios' deserted, depicting a dead and winter forest.

If you think the mysterious survival game Uninhabited By Blue Box Game Studios It couldn’t get more mysterious, wait until you hear this. The game returned to the public consciousness this week, but not because the developer had anything to brag about. No, instead, the information has been quietly removed from the studio’s Twitter account, leading to rumors that the yet-to-be-seen project has been cancelled. Apparently, this is not true. Uninhabited It was not canceled, only a “change” according to studio founder Hassan Kahraman. The saga of this game hits me horribly.

We have to go back first. In case you forgot, Uninhabited It is supposed to be Blue Box Game Studios’ first game on PS5. A first-person shooter of some sort was announced last April, people thought the project was so Somehow connected to Hideo Kojima and the silent Hill Because of the game’s marketing. This is clearly not true, as Kahraman came to reveal it Uninhabited He had nothing to do with Silent Hill and Kojima wasn’t undercover. From this initial confusion that unfolded a year ago to the present dayinformation about UninhabitedEven including the PS5 barren app, it was meager

Now, in the present. Twitter user noted souls YouTube Lance MacDonald Tweet on March 31 that the blue box “deleted most tweets” describing specific future plans for Uninhabited. This obviously included an explanation of why PlayStation 5 app, which still only contains a short teaser, weighs about 5 GB and news that the demo will be playable “soon”. This erasure led to industry speculation Uninhabited Since Blue Box hasn’t tweeted about the game since last December.

Well, that all changed after the McDonald’s tweet erupted and numerous reports from outlets like Eurogamer And the detective game He started accessing the internet.

On March 31, McDonald’s tweet on the same day caught people’s attention, Blue Box Post a statement on Twitter Clarification Uninhabitedcondition. The studio said the game’s cancellation rumors were “false” and claimed it was working on a reveal and introduction, which will be a “stand-alone game” with a low price expected to last an hour or two for the PS5 app. Both were delayed because the team “underestimated” their development roadmap.

“We understand your frustration and deeply apologize for this,” Blue Box told the world’s smallest violin. “We will continue to work on the game and will notify you when we are ready. Our sincere apologies.”

Since then, Blue Box has been playing the role of defending Uninhabited. Both IGN And Colin Moriarty sacred symbols He interviewed Kahraman about the game, its evolution, and the seriousness of the recent removal on Twitter. when talking to IGNKahraman said the old content was removed because “some concepts have changed” and thought it would be best to delete what was not relevant now. Kahraman said later sacred symbols It has become a “serious project”.

Kotaku I’ve reached out to Blue Box Game Studios and Sony for comment.

What all this means, who knows. Blue Box Game Studios admitted it Uninhabited It was announced very early on and is an ambitious personal project for Kahraman and the Dutch developer. Maybe we’ll see some gameplay, a CG demo, or something more substantial than just a teaser in the PS5 app. blue box started Fans asked if development clips should be shown for the introSo hopefully something will be revealed soon. In the meantime, Don’t send death threats.