The best armor in the Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, your survival often comes down to the type of armor you wear. While a proper weapon takes precedence over a set of armor, players will still have a tough time in the lands between shields if they don’t pair their shield properly with their overall build. There are many categories into which armor sets can be divided. Obviously, there are combinations compatible with melee and magical characters. However, there are also specific pieces of armor that simply look better than others visually or are more useful to get in an early or late Elden Ring game. If you are looking for the best armor combinations in the Elden Ring, read below to find out the most powerful armor combinations for each class.

Best melee armor sets

We will start this list with some armor sets designed for melee characters. These combos don’t have to be the heaviest or provide the best protection but will provide the most advantages for players using a melee weapon.