The best Elden Ring bosses and locations drew inspiration from an unexpected source

You will find it in the depths of Mistwood’s mist.

After the towering bears who spend all their time vandalizing trees for shit and laughter, there’s a little circular structure. In its center sits a modest elevator.

Like most of these fixed pieces in elden ringThe ordinary exists only as a gateway to the extraordinary. The following elevator sequence is drawn to the point of absurdity. You’ll be forgiven for likening it to a journey through all seven circles of Hell, except in this case, Satan’s judgment is death by a thousand holes. But eventually – after a hundred, maybe a thousand years – you reach the bottom of the column and everything starts to make sense. somewhat.

The sprawling and picturesque region we’re about to discuss may not be a secret, but its pronunciation certainly does. This unforgettable passage to a new subterranean realm is the well of the Seufra River. It is pronounced “shi fra”. Not “See o Phra.” Not “review”. Not “er-swords”, or at any rate, some of the more ambitious honest would say.

“Shee-fra.” easy right?

Explore Siofra in elden ring.Bandai Namco

This is one of the many Irish references in elden ring, FromSoftware games across the board. While some people from other countries likely think “Siofra” is just a made-up word, it is a common name for girls in Ireland and traditionally means “fairy” or “elf”. It’s no longer about the word Probably Being etymologically Irish. dictation there. context there. Irish influences elsewhere in the game are present. It is indisputably related.

Why is this important? Well, usually the Irish characters in video games are pretty lackluster. Alcoholism, excessive use of the word “feck” and fanciful accents do not make the character Irish. (Don’t get me started saboteur Sean Devlin, Fallout 4 Kate, or Red Dead Redemption 1Irish.)

There are rare exceptions, such as Red Dead Redemption 2Shawn McGuire and Moira from Note and watch Even if she seems more like a news anchor than a person, you might bump into her at the bar. But other than that, the most noteworthy Irish cast in the Triple A video games is largely attributable to FromSoft. That is why it is worth noting how much ™ Cool Shit elden ring Directly related to Irish history and mythology.

what’s in a name?

Anyone with a vague knowledge of Irish names will instantly recognize Captain Niall as from the Emerald Isle. But what is more intriguing than that is how this fact subtly informs an entirely different part of knowledge.

If you have ever met someone from Ireland, it is very likely that their nickname is O’Something – O’Connor, O’Rourke, and O’Brien. While Commander Niall is a major boss in the Mountaintops of the Giants, there is a minor boss in Caelid’s Swamp of Aeonia named Commander O’Neil. When you look at the etymology of these names, you’ll soon learn that “neil” (pronounced “kneeling”) is a nucleus spelling of the Irish name “nial” (pronounced “the nile”).

Commander Nial is ready for battle. Bandai Namco

Here’s where things are interesting. The purpose of ‘O’Something’ is to denote a particular family relationship – it literally means ‘descendant.’ The same is true for ‘Mc’ surnames, where the prefix is ​​literally ‘mac’, the Irish word for ‘son’.

So we can conclude that Commander O’Neill is in fact the son of Commander Niall simply by applying these rules from the Irish language. Once you get that far, you’ll start to see other similarities as well. It’s not just a case of two bosses using a similar gimmick, summon, or set of armor – it’s a case of both being bound by mostly invisible blood.

Commander O’Neill is similar to Captain Niall in more ways than one.Bandai Namco

There are only 5 million people in Ireland, and only about 30-40 percent of that demographic will have Irish people strong enough to notice this association. From this number, how many of them play elden ring? It’s so cool to see FromSoft incorporate something into the legacy that only a few players would normally pick up.

elden ring These elements of Irish culture aren’t intertwined by chance 500 times a minute – it honestly embraces Irish influences in a way that very few triathletes have done before.

Malenia’s inspiration

Even letters with names of other etymological origins, such as Malenia, are clearly coded Irish. Her flowing red locks and prosthetic arm clearly refer to Nawada Airjitlam, the legendary Irish hero. Airgetlám means “silver hand,” and refers to the fact that Nadi lost his arm in battle and had it replaced with a prosthetic one by Dian Cecht. This was a necessary measure, since only a person who was physically sound could command the illustrious Tuatha dé Danann.

elden ringThe familial animosity between demigods also bears a striking resemblance to the Tuatha dé. This ancient race of Irish demigods was born to Danu, an apocryphal goddess who strikingly resembles Queen Marica. The Tuatha dé Danann’s mortal enemies, known as the Fomorians, were monstrous supernatural beings associated with death, chaos, and darkness. (Formorians are often considered a less accepted version of jotnar Norse mythology.)

If you play a lot of elden ringYou will most likely notice the Evergrown Mountains scattered all over the world. “Gaol” is a term of French, English and Irish origin that literally means “imprisonment”, but the hypothesis that chiefs are magically imprisoned in these places – most likely by demigods – adds a very interesting layer of legitimacy to this theory: savage enemies of demigods, imprisoned to Forever until someone filthy fired them just to hit them again.

The massive second stage of Malenia.Bandai Namco

The turn of the second stage in Malenia can be interpreted as a very fascinating brawl over the legendary Irish hero Ristrad, Cú Chulainn, which means “warm cramp”. Having gone to this state during the battle, he needed to be forced into an ice bath, from which the water would instantly evaporate. After the amount of water in the third basin caught steam, he slept with each man’s wife and then went out to fight again the next day. (Yeah, really) I’m not alone here. Shortly after the first elden ring Reveal, Irish the games Twitter I thought the multiple characters portrayed in the trailer had big Cú Chulainn feelings.

With all the evidence above – to elden ring Alone, no less – I’m not sure this is an easily refuted argument.

silt souls

These links go well beyond the latest FromSoftware – the entire Souls series is intricately intertwined with Irish and Celtic legends and characters throughout.

at dark souls 2, The Emerald Herald was impeccably voiced by Irish actress Ruth Negga. It also features Laddersmith Gilligan, who is arguably the most confirmed Irish character to decorate a video game…maybe ever? Perhaps his best line is “Shush, you eejit!” and ‘I’m from Little Wesht’, both of which still make me pinch myself every time I hear them. Fair play for Connor Byrne, King of Souls VAs.

Speaking of which, the same actor also voices blood borne Father Gascoigne, and also delivers another Irish slang with “monsters all over the store.” Either Miyazaki & Co. sitting at home watching Father Ted On Saturday nights, FromSoft’s localization team is located in the heart of Dublin.

Both are equally acceptable, despite the fact that neither is true even yet.

The point is, you don’t get that kind of thing anywhere else. It’s strange to think that a developer who has been more consistent with presenting accurate and respectful portrayals of Irish culture is outside the Anglosphere, while developers in countries closer to Ireland – which often have Irish employees – continue to falter.

FromSoft has been doing well by Ireland for over a decade now. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.