The inches game, as you know, is still the Phillies in the last loss in Miami

MIAMI – As much as the game changes with the explosion of data, with defensive shifts, designated hitter in each of the leagues, one-knee hunters, shooting and ghost runners, baseball remains a game of inches.

The Phillies lost their first meeting of the new season to the Miami Marlins on Thursday night. The final score from the stadium built on the site of the old Orange Bowl was 4-3.

It might have been a different outcome for Phillies if it hadn’t been for a few inches here and there.

Pitcher Kyle Gibson started giving up three runs in the fourth inning and another in the fifth.

Two of the runs came in the fourth inning after Jesus Sanchez fired a three-pointer with a single lead to the left in the middle.

Phillies’ rising midfielder Matt Ferling missed the running step by step.

“It was close,” Ferling said after the match. “I feel like I had another step there. I could have kept going. I just had to keep working and learning the ballpark. But I feel I could have gotten to that ball if I kept going. I would have probably hit the wall. Maybe I would have had another step.”

If Vierling had made the catch, he would have been a distinguished reel. It also could have been the second of the inning. Gibson hit the next hitter, Jesus Aguilar. The right-hander was very close to exiting the first turn. Instead, he walked into the next hitter, Avicel Garcia, with two and Joe Wendell, the pride of South Chester County, hit twice to the left to give the Marlins a 3-1 lead.

Gibson blasted off in the first three innings before enduring a tough fourth inning from 37 courts. Garrett Cooper started the one-off match with Homer to tie the match 1-1. Wendell crowned the rally with double his.

Gibson blamed himself for the poor guy.

Cooper’s court, he said, “was right in the middle.”

And on the Sanchez trilogy:

“The pitch was not really good,” he said.

Gibson said he wasn’t sure how close Ferling would catch up, but that it didn’t matter.

He said, “I will not complain about the result of the field that extends in the middle.” “I tried to get it. If I get it, it’s on his hands and a routine fly ball.”

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The inch wasn’t on Gibson’s side again in the fifth. He thought he had Cooper hit the field 2-2 that would have ended the inning. Home board referee Alan Porter called it the ball, and Gibson ended up walking Cooper to keep the inning alive for Sanchez, who this time provided the RBI to make it 4-1.

Gibson initially reacted angrily on the hill when Porter Cooper did not ring.

Later, Velez pitcher looked at the replay. The pitch was off the board. After leaving the game, Gibson apologized to Porter from the highest step of the bunker.

“I told Alan I was sorry for my reaction,” Gibson said. “You got it right.”

Velez came out of the gate with a quick run – Kyle Schwarber doubled, JT Realmoto beat Bryce Harper victim – against Sandy Alcantara in the first half. Phils didn’t score again until the seventh when he hit Harper twice. Along the way, he missed a big Phil. They had riders in second and third with one in fourth and they got nothing. Vierling, 0 for 15 on the season, went out to end the threat.

At the bottom of the inning, the Marlins rallied for three runs against Gibson.

“The real difference was the fourth game,” said manager Joe Girardi. “We had the opportunity to get more rounds and we weren’t able to make the money and they took advantage of it.”

The Phils lost three times in a row, dropping to 3-4. They are 6 to 12 in Miami since the beginning of 2020.

The Marlins are 2-4.

Zach Evelyn got the ball on Friday night as the Phils team tries to stop an early slip.