The notch is here to stay, even if the iPhone 14 drops it

The notch is here to stay, even if the iPhone 14 drops it

Ah, Mister Notch. It has been around for a while, and first became a global celebrity when it made the iPhone X cover.

Well, the iPhone isn’t a magazine and not actually that guy, but we can definitely treat him as one of those celebrities that no one really likes, yet they’re all over the place anyway.

By many accounts, coming The iPhone 14 will finally drop in favor of cutouts for the front camera and Face ID sensors.

But unfortunately for those of us who don’t like having a notch on our devices, the iPhone 14 isn’t going to be the end of it at all. The thing is really here to stay, and in fact it’s just now starting to show up on some of our other devices, besides phones…

Packed laptops are just getting started

Apple’s iPhone 13 isn’t its only device with a notch right now. Both the newer MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch models feature a notch somewhat similar to the iPhone, located in the top center for the displays.

Was this just Apple adopting an iconic design feature from its iPhone, on its flagship MacBooks? Perhaps, but the company likely has no better option to fit it right now, so the new Pro laptops will have ultra-thin bezels around the screen, as well as a front camera.

That camera has to go somewhere after all, however the bezels are too thin to fit inside, so…it’s small!

But the healthy fruit-branded Cupertino isn’t the only company whose laptops now have notches, in fact — Windows PC makers have beaten them down by making reverse laptops.

For example, if you’re in the market for a gaming laptop right now, you’ll likely stumble upon the Lenovo Legion 7 and the reverse notch, which looks like this:

This is just another way to make room for the front camera while trying to get slim bezels. Is it better than the standard grade we all know? It is up to you to decide.

Lenovo Ideapad 3, ThinkPad Z16, many recent HP laptops and more, from various manufacturers, all now include a notch. Yes, you may not have noticed, but the notch is slowly creeping into your laptops.

And until the cameras under the screen are good enough, we should definitely expect many upcoming laptops to continue to have standard or reverse notches for the front cameras.

That’s what we get for the pursuit of ultra-thin bezels. But another device, besides laptops, is ahead of the curve when it comes to striving for those…

Serrated tablets are just getting started

In our recent Samsung review Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra We weren’t even mad at the lack of a headphone jack or the fact that, yes – this tablet has a notch that resembles the MacBook Pro. The reason for this is simple – it’s so thin, with bezels so small, that there’s no room for a headphone jack or for the dual front cameras. So for the latter – Samsung decided to include a notch.

And just as with laptops, we can reasonably expect upcoming flagship tablets to start adopting a notch, as the bezels around their screens continue to shrink, to the point where there’s no longer room for a front camera.

Teardrop notch phones are getting stronger

Once they were all over the place, teardrop notches are now more dedicated to budget phones, but eventually – they’re not going away anytime soon either.

In fact, we recently previewed one of these upcoming teardrop-shaped phones – Samsung Galaxy A33 5G.

Budget phones are a very lucrative (and crowded) market, and it’s safe to say that those aren’t going to move to punch-hole cameras, let alone under-screen ones, anytime soon. Because, of course – just getting a teardrop grade is cheaper to manufacture.

From Samsung’s budget offerings, by Motorolas and Xiaomis for under $250 – some of The best budget phones right now have a teardrop notch. And while this isn’t a new trend for phones, as cracks are for tablets and laptops, we should expect it to survive for at least a few more years.

What do you think of the cracks on laptops, tablets, and phones?

There you have it – the harsh reality that we will be living in a world full of immutability for at least two years, if not longer. Unless under-screen cameras improve quickly, prices drop, and start relying on phones, tablets, and laptops soon. It will happen eventually, sure, but soon – it probably won’t.

Anyway, what do you think of all this? Are you great with a degree on your laptop, tablet or phone? Vote below and share your thoughts in the comments section!