The Roadster is the new cash machine from Tesla and Elon Musk

There is no doubt that Tesla (TSLA) – Get a Tesla Inc . report It dominates the electric car market.

The Austin automaker produced 305,407 vehicles in the first quarter and supplied 310,048 vehicles despite supply chain turmoil and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has exacerbated prices for raw materials such as nickel.

Industry sources expect Group CEO Elon Musk to produce more than one million cars in 2022. That would be a record for the company.

Meanwhile, GM (GM) – Get the General Motors report Ford (F) – Get a Ford Motor Company report Among them it delivered just over 7,100 EVs in the first quarter. cocky rival Rivian (countryside) – Get a report from Rivian Automotive, Inc. from first class For its part, it delivered 1,227 vehicles in the first three months.