The ultimate iPhone wallet accessory that Apple would like to design

Remember when Apple brought back MagSafe in 2020? Sounds like a great idea, right? A magnetic ring on the back of your iPhone can connect a wireless charger, or a wallet…but not both. While MagSafe is a great feature, it has its limitations. For starters, the wireless charger cannot be connected to the phone if there is a thick case or wallet accessory already installed. The wallet itself is an expensive $59 add-on that holds up to 3 cards and is notorious for slipping out of your iPhone when you try to slide it in or out of your pocket. However, Magcardgrip answers both of those and some other problems. The Magcardgrip is a nifty little device for your iPhone that’s an iPhone wallet, holder, and grip all rolled into one. It mounts flat to the back of your device, holds two payment or ID cards (and even supports payment), and has a foldable grip that doubles as a stand for your iPhone. The most interesting feature though? The fact that it also happens to support MagSafe charging. Magcardgrip’s no-compromise design lets you wirelessly charge your iPhone with the wallet still attached…a feature Apple might have wished you had thought of first.

Designer: Brad Park of Momostick

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Magcardgrip’s design addresses a lot of problems, particularly with no (if none) caveats or compromises in the process. The slim 7mm accessory attaches using adhesive to the back of your phone. The non-destructive adhesive backing provides a stronger bond than Apple’s MagSafe feature, and the slim Magcardgrip coil allows you to easily slide your phone in and out of your pocket without worrying about the accessory moving, changing direction, or slipping off the back. your phone.

Magcardgrip has a two-pronged design that truly reinforces its creator’s uncompromising vision. The accessory attaches permanently to the back of the phone in its closed format, and opens upwards to reveal the card slots on the outer cover. However, the inner cover (which stays stuck to your phone) is a layer of leather (PU leather) thin enough to allow you to attach a MagSafe or any wireless charger for that matter. This gives Magcardgrip a fairly simple two-step use process. The wallet stays closed most of the time, and it sits on the back of your phone in its slim avatar. However, to access the wallet, or to wirelessly charge your phone, open the Magcardgrip and you’ll have the best of all worlds.

The wallet portion of the Magcardgrip contains two cards, allowing you to easily access them by opening the wallet, or even letting you pay for a more convenient method. In addition, the interior of the wallet comes with microfiber, which protects your cards from wear and tear.

The ability of the Magcardgrip to allow you to continue to use wireless chargers is perhaps the most game-changing feature in the game. In hindsight, it’s fairly simple, but thanks to the designer, it’s a feature that hasn’t happened to anyone yet. Simply open the Magcardgrip and it now allows you to wirelessly charge your phone with ease. The Magcardgrip still has an internal flap that stays on your phone, but it’s been calibrated to be thin enough to allow wireless charging to pass easily, and even support the iPhone’s MagSafe feature.

Additionally, the Magcardgrip can be used with car wireless charging mounts, just by flipping the wallet’s outer flap up. basic? examines. elegant? examines.

The third feature of the Magcardgrip actually dates back to 2019. The Magcardgrip comes from the folks behind Momostick, who pioneered the stylish pop-up grip – a feature that also finds itself on the Magcardgrip. The pop-up grip rests on the outside of the Magcardgrip, blending in perfectly with its shape, but it stands out by the color combinations and leather texture. To use the grip, simply pop it out and lock it in place, and you’ll now have a neat loop to slide your finger into, allowing you to hold your phone securely while you’re using it. The unique selling point of the Pop Socket in 2019 was that it was just as functional as a Pop Socket without the weight and thickness…a feature it wears proudly on its cover even today.

Of all the features of Magcardgrip, its most underrated is probably the fact that it doesn’t know its brand. You don’t need to use Magcardgrip with your iPhone, since it pretty much installs on any smartphone you have (or even your smartphone case) as long as the phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor on the back. The Magcardgrip measures 95mm vertical, 65mm horizontal, and just 7mm thick, making it as thin as three quarters stacked on top of the other. For all the features it has, it also weighs just 37g, so you won’t even notice it’s on the back of your phone…until you need it. The Magcardgrip is available in a range of colors, from subtle to funky, depending on what your style of style is. A single Magcardgrip costs $19 and you can support the project on Kickstarter by submitting your application.

Click here to buy now: $19 $40 (53% discount). ! Right, only 31/50 left