There’s no such thing as ripping things off in Teardown

Remember the first time you brought down a house in Red Faction: Guerrilla Warfare? It felt like the beginning of something new. The beginning of an era of gaming that would be more realistic, more physical, and more breakable than ever before. Of course, this did not happen. Games put a lot of emphasis on making still scenes look brighter with sharper textures and ray tracing lighting. But thanks to a small Swedish developer, we have a window into this delightfully devastated alternate world — and believe me when I say that Teardown window breaks pretty well indeed.

At its core, Teardown is a stealth game. Each new mission gives you a series of computers to steal, safes, or cars to plunge into the ocean, challenging you to use a limited toolkit to chart a path toward the perfect crime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun challenge – but that’s not why I’ve opened Teardown nearly every day for the past year.