These Elden Ring players are ignoring armor stats in favor of fashion

An image depicting a variety of faded Elden Ring costumes wearing a variety of costumes, from something inspired by Guts to a kind of cottagecore-created brutality.

Forget Elden Lord, I’m trying to get Elden Bling.
picture: MarkMan23 / Indeimaus / MenasLG / Kotaku

You might think that the importance of wearing the best battle-ready equipment you can find for a frantic fighting crucible souls The game is straightforward. Most of the time, it is. Whether it is going through the gothic world blood borne Or an imaginary setting Evil spiritsMany players are trying to make sure they are ready for the tough challenges that lie ahead. But there are those who have other priorities. Yes, FromSoftware games have gained a loyal following of gamers who are as focused on slaying looks as they do on killing enemies, and now this fashion squad has carried the tradition over to the elden ring.

The souls Games and games inspired by them demon souls for team ninja Nioh 2You have a community dedicated to collecting disgusting looks. Their Reddit community is called Souls Fashion, a home for those obsessed with gaming’s various equipable weapons, who would compromise better stats in favor of proper cohesion. If it doesn’t shed, it’s dry, and the folks in the Fashion Souls community only care about the wettest clothes. You can see them gathering all over their subreddit, Post their favorite look Or even meticulously design their characters To re-create the shapes of the privileges like the legend of zelda.

Enters elden ringThe Most commercially successful FromSoftware game so far. elden ring Attract a thriving fan base that has little interest in becoming the master of the Elden Lord. Instead, these players are everything Elden Bling. Your build may suffer, but at least you It looks good even in death. She’s an artist with a passion and Elden Bellinger deadly smell (who requested to be referred to by his username) echoed in Reddit messages with Kotaku.

“The stats are shocking,” Mortal_Smell said during the discussion They made an impressive recreation of Kratos at elden ring. “Kratos is a melee class, and I run with ten poise,” they continued, referring to the basic case especially in melee combat, as it helps you withstand the attacks of enemies without being shocked. “But you walk this way, you walk too hard because if you think fashion is your friend…fashion is a danger. Fashion poses. It is a threat!”

This is a common refrain among those keen to create a suspicious character who will turn heads at every Lands Between fashion show, if that’s anything. However, what they all really hit is something more human: You feel good when you look good, and that’s true for souls games. Maybe wearing good clothes in the rotten and crumbling realms of FromSoft doesn’t always It makes you feel good, especially when the low stats of your clothing contribute to being buried over and over by the same boss. But, like EVO’s Business Development Manager Mark Julius Tell Kotaku Via Twitter messages, there is a difference between just defeating a boss and Absolutely crush it in style.

“The ability to look great and feel comfortable aids in the general enjoyment of gaming, in particular souls nicknames,” said Giulio, distorted him Zainab Maleth armor set And the colossal great sword is very Courage disguise. “While yes, sacrificing optimal defense/attributes may not be the best approach to dealing with some challenges…it sure will be more satisfying when you win and look/feel comfortable in something you’ve put together.”

This is what attracts people to fashion elden ring. It’s not about beating the game or stomping on STARSCORGE RADAN (If this is possible now). I mean, it’s totally about that stuff, but it’s also about injecting yourself into the world, using Tarnished as a canvas for your imagination.

Beside, elden ringShe’ll probably kick your ass no matter what. if it was horrific invasions And the katanas . domination Don’t understand you, then maybe Errors will. So why not focus on what you can control: the way you look? as YouTuber Indeimaus Games Tell Kotaku Via Twitter messages, their faded sportswear Hoslow’s armor set From Vulcano Manor, fashion in souls Games, rather than just being a niche game, have always been the focus of many gamers, whether or not they join online communities to celebrate their creativity.

“I feel like when it comes to gear and equipment souls games, it’s all about fashion unless a piece of gear has a certain effect on it,” Endemaus said. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a souls A veteran who puts any clue off it looks good and gives you the needed dribbling roll (fast, slow, etc). When it comes to actual gear defense, whether you’re naked or wearing heavy gear, you’ll likely die quickly regardless. I’ve always been aware of the importance of Fashion Souls (or Elden Bling) and I’ve always been focused on looking great in-game even if no one sees it.”

But the whole point of dressing, whether it’s in a game like elden ring Or real life, is for people to see you glowing. We want to watch in the best light, with the right filter, at the perfect angle. death in elden ring It can be frustrating, but you can make it more palatable by wearing your favorite clothes. This way you’ll feel good and look good as you roam the lands in between, as I think this quote from Mortal_Smell sums it up:

“If you didn’t look so good when you became an Elden master, then why bother becoming an Elder’s master in the first place?”