This video shows a Grand Rapids police officer struggling with Patrick Liuya before he was shot dead

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Mobile phone video from a bystander shows a police officer shooting Patrick Liuya in the head while Liuya is on the ground, struggling with the officer.

Earlier in the video, the officer can be heard shouting “Leave the bolt” as he tries to arrest Liuya.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Weinstrom displays a dashcam, cell phone and video camera for shootings Wednesday, April 13, during a press conference at City Hall.

The only video that showed a clear picture of the shooting was a mobile phone video.

“This is very unfortunate,” Grand Rapids City Manager Mark Washington said. “A very sad day in our community.”

The April 4 shooting attracted media attention from across the state and the nation.

Kent County prosecutors said, in a statement released Wednesday, that no decision will be made on potential charges against the officer until the state police investigation is over.

Attorney General Chris Baker said the investigation will include a review of all video clips and witness statements. He asked for the community’s patience and said the review would take time. He did not specify how long.

Patrick Liuya, 26, was shot and killed April 4 after what police said was a traffic stop and a clash with an officer at an intersection southeast of Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Weinstrom said earlier that Patrick Liuya knew he was going to be arrested, and then began running away from the officer.

Videos showed that Liuya ran away, followed by the officer and repeatedly asked him to stop resisting. He controls Lyoya, then loses control shortly thereafter and attempts to use the Taser on Lyoya.

A shot was fired while the officer was on top of Lyoya.

Lyoya tries to get up with the officer on top of him when the officer shoots.

Weinstrom said the officer and Liuya appeared to be controlling the Taser at different points. He said the missile was fired twice, both times on the ground.

When asked what he thought of after watching videos of the shooting, Weinstrom said, “It was just a development of grief for me.”

Patrick Liuya’s father, Peter, said he was able to watch at least part of the cruiser dashcam video, provided by the state police, two days after the shooting.

At the time, he said the video showed that his son was shot in the back of his head while he was on the ground.

Peter Liuya’s comments to various media outlets quickly sparked community calls for transparency from the police. Peter Liuya called for accountability from the officer involved and questioned why his name was not released.

Saturday’s rally with Patrick Liuya’s family drew hundreds of people, followed by an appearance and speech on Sunday by national civil rights attorney Ben Crump at Grand Rapids Church.

Crump was here to support the Liuya family and also to advocate for transparency.

Another rally took place on Tuesday as protesters marched to city council and demanded justice for Patrick Liuya.

Weinstrom initially said he intended to release a police video of the shooting by April 15, but announced on Tuesday that he would release it on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, as community tensions continued to escalate, Grand Rapids police began erecting concrete barriers near the Monroe Center police station.

On Wednesday, several City Street Division trucks were parked downtown due to possible street closures.

Grand Rapids Police Chief

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Weinstrom speaks at a press conference on April 13, 2022, about the shooting death of Patrick Liuya.


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