Tiger Woods falls short on Masters’ miraculous return while Scheffler takes the title

Golf legend Tiger Woods They shot 6 points over 78 on Sunday at the Masters to finish off the leaderboard and sit back for the weekend when the numbers didn’t matter to the fans.

He finished the week in 13th, his 301 points total was by far his worst Masters score and one record his worst 72-hole score ever as a professional.

Scotty Scheffler, 25, won the day, the storied green jacket, with 71, despite challenges that included an angry comeback from Rory McCroy, who finished with 64.

Woods’ 47th finish belied the massive applause Woods received as he walked down the 18th lane. Wearing a red jersey synonymous with the final round fee, Woods removed his hat and let out the roar of the Augusta Patriots’ roar.

“Thank you as you mentioned. I keep saying it but I am. I really am. I really am. Just to get to this point,” Woods told reporters after Sunday’s final round.

“Just to be able to play, and not just play, but I made a good first round. I got there. I don’t have the stamina I would have liked but even a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know if I’d be in in this event.

This was Woods’ comeback championship, just over a year after the car accident that nearly cost him his right leg, or worse. Coming to Master said that just coming back was an achievement.

Woods was limping throughout his final run, and the limp looked much worse on Sunday than it did earlier in the tournament.

Just making the cuts and traversing four days on America’s most famous track was her victory over Woods.

Asked if this weekend’s play represented one of his greatest accomplishments, Woods said, “Yes, for not winning an event. Yes, without a doubt.”

“To go from where I was going to get to this point, I had a great team that helped me get to that point,” he added.

The The mere presence of the 15-time Main Champion at Augusta National Golf Club was a boost for the sport that was looking for its next attention-grabbing stroke to fill the stellar void — one left by Woods himself.

He played his last competitive singles round of golf at the 2020 Masters Tournament, which took place in November of that year instead of the regular tee in the spring due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked about his favorite memory this weekend, two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson said, “Memory, my gosh. Honestly, it’s Tiger’s inspiration.”

“Tiger – forget the result. I don’t care. He might not say that to the media, but forget the result, right? It’s very inspiring,” Watson added.

“The 10th anniversary of the win, but watching him walk, oh my God, I’m crying over a piece of paper. For him, being able to walk and make the cut is absolutely amazing.”

The 46-year-old Woods took a club swing in December at the PNC Championship, a 36-hole competition between father and son in Florida where he and 13-year-old Charlie Woods finished second for the John Daly and John Daly second team.

Woods played in an event as big as the Masters looked like mission impossible last year, after eliminating February 23 on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County.

That was when the Genesis rolled a GV80 near Hawthorne Avenue in Blackhorse Road, on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes, officials said.

No one was hurt other than Woods, who was seriously injured in both legs.

Los Angeles County sheriffs said there were no signs of weakness at the scene, even though a blood test was never performed.

Officials said he was driving more than 80 mph, nearly twice the speed limit of 45 mph. Woods was still traveling at 75 mph when he crashed into a tree while the SUV was circling through the air.

Although the SUV’s front end was almost completely wrecked, much of the driver’s cabin remained and Woods was wearing a seat belt.

“Mr Woods was fortunate to come out of this alive,” a deputy said at the time.

The cause of the accident was considered to be “driving at an unsafe speed due to road conditions and the inability to handle the curve of the road” and no charges were made.

Woods has admitted that he will never play full time on the PGA Tour again.

His 82 championship titles have been tied for the most in PGA Tour history, with Sam Snead. Throughout much of a storied career, it was seen that Woods would one day beat Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major titles.

But in recent years, age, injuries and problems off the field, whose name is usually mentioned at the front of any sentences – along with Niklaus and Ben Hogan – have slowed as he debates who is the sport’s greatest player.

His career has drawn comparisons to Jackie Robinson, who broke the MLB color barrier, and fueled hopes that golf could attract a more diverse group of players.