Top 5 Minecraft Add-ons in 2022

2022 has been a year of anticipation for Minecraft players due to the upcoming update 1.19, also known as “The Wild Update”.

The latest snapshots released by Mojang have given players a sneak peek at the upcoming features set to be released in the update. Although these apps have yet to be fully released, the screenshots provide a closer look at what players can expect.

Since no significant content updates have been released in 2022 yet, players have been scouring these picks to enjoy the new content before it’s fully released. There are plenty of new apps to appreciate just in these preview releases alone.

Minecraft: Cool additions from The Wild Update screenshots

5) Boxed boats

Chest boats allow for a new way of storage and transportation (Image via Mojang)Swamps receive an extra contrast thanks to mangrove swamps (Image via Mojang)

3) Echo Fragments and Retrieval Compass

A new dark biome offers some interesting elements (Image via Mojang)Players who want to plunder the ancient cities will need to pay attention to Warden (Image via Mojang)

1) New mobs

New mobs have captured the attention of Minecraft players everywhere (Image via Mojang)

Finally, there’s the mysterious and powerful Warden, the protector of the deep, dark biome. Once summoned, blind mobs will relentlessly pursue players. Players will need to use all their wits in order to survive on his quest.

It is possible for players to kill Warden, but mobs currently have the most health in the game, even compared to the Ender Dragon and Wither.

Minecraft players have to be very careful when dealing with this new creature.

Edited by Rachel Semalyeh