“Two Point Campus” offers evolution, not revolution

finally, I Take advantage of the world’s seemingly endless appetite for nostalgia for the good days. after 25 years Theme hospital And after four years, Two Point Hospitalit’s a remake The Spiritual Caliph has debuted, and we get a real sequel.

Two Point Campus It takes players back to the world of Two Point County, where this time they are tasked with building a series of new universities in plots adjacent to previously decommissioned hospitals they have finished renovating.

I recently played through an early build of the first two levels of the game. Freshleigh Meadows is a brief educational stage, while the Rome-inspired Piazza Lanatra is the second area players can expect to get into. With the release date pushed back to August 9, I feel like the title isn’t quite as polished yet as the developers had hoped. This is attributed, at least in part, to the fact that much of it was created remotely while employees were confined to the home.

You just finished recently Two Point Hospital And I found that I could get past these early levels based on instinct alone. At first glance, you might feel it Campus It is somewhat similar to its predecessor and is considered a standalone supplement. Much of the previous title has been pulled in bulk, albeit with some graphic polishing. The team clearly felt that if it wasn’t broken, there was no point in trying to fix it, at least as far as I’ve played so far.

The most notable difference is that Two Point wanted to address the most common complaint made by players hospital – They did not enjoy planning puzzles. together Theme hospital And the Two Point HospitalYou are given intentionally problematic floor plans on which to build your facility. This is part of the underlying mechanism, forcing you to optimize your plans for both the patient’s rapid journey and to make the most of the space allowed. This weird dogleg building is too small for an x-ray room? Your task is to try to fill it Somethingthis the point.

With Two Point CampusThat’s no longer the case, as you can now pay to modify the boundaries of your building and even move entrances. You can claim or return to your garden space as per your need in each level. The point of having weird building schemes that waste acres of potentially useful space was part of the game’s hilarious sadism. I’ve been complaining more about these darn kids who need things to be easier, but I deal with it.


Two points / Sega

And you’re not looking for efficiency anymore, but also aesthetics. Outdoor spaces can be filled with trees, paths, plants, and concession stands, among other things. Your commitment is not only to educate people, but also to ensure that your students learn in an enjoyable environment.

Financial management is less than a major factor in Campus, because success is now linked to how well students do. This means watching poorly performing students who you’ll need to send to private lessons, or kicking out students who aren’t willing to scratch. You will also have to organize events for people to meet each other, both socially and romantically. You can purchase romantic campus trinkets, such as love benches, to encourage encounters on your watch. I don’t know if you are a fan. It just feels like the wrong kind of topic for a light business simulation game to be dealing with.

Universities are also not a goldmine of funny jokes compared to a cartoon hospital. Sure, there are still stand-up jokes and amusing radio commentary, but there are few things that can be mocked in a campus environment. The strangest thing I’ve seen so far is a trainee chef cooking an SUV-sized burger in a slightly larger pan. It’s a far cry from unscrewing the lightbulb that protrudes from someone’s neck when they suffer from “vertigo.”

CampusThe sense of scale has shifted somewhat dramatically as well, and hospital Players may find that larger rooms present a greater challenge. While you can build a serviceable clinic out of only 3×3 rooms, the virtual area in Campus Closer to 5 x 5. There’s a lot more to crammed into each room too, with a greater sense of design than the last game. I think it’s because of them hospital players minimum their hospital wings with impractical things.


Two points / Sega

Fortunately, you can now build restrooms on your 2×1 plot, so any spare room can now be used in lobbies throughout your campus.

Even as a loud and proud fan, I’m mature enough to admit that titles wear out their welcome after a while. hospital, although cool, it basically asked you to play the same set of gameplay episodes across its fifteen levels. Yes, the scale got bigger, and so did the obstacles, but by the time I reached the final level, the hardest challenge was maintaining my interest.

It’s something Two Point seems to realize, carefully ensuring that you can’t blast their new game with the same quick ruthlessness. Part of this comes down to the three-year cycle the game uses for your subscribers to earn their certification. The other is to focus more on managing your campus effectively beyond putting pressure on every penny of its walls.

Early on in Piazza Lantara, the cash ran out – which often means the level has to be restarted in hospital. But here, you can simply wait, and burn off a year of educating some children in order to make up for losses without having to take out a loan. (Two Point can never escape the cynical point that there is nothing more important than protecting your bottom line in any privatized industry you run.)

If there’s one thing I wish, deep down, the developers had devoted more time to, it’s frustrating the game. The untouched. There are many instances where you need to improve your hygiene rating, for example, and have to plaster every wall with hand sanitizer stations and trash cans. But since there are way too many “unhealthy” employees, you’ll never get there unless you start firing people.


Two points / Sega

It’s one of the game’s problems that is often reliably resolved by visiting the Reddit thread, since the solutions are often buried beyond the average player’s ability to find them. I also wish the UI was less awkward when it came to copying rooms with repeating elements on the walls. Having to manually delete inner windows, for example, seems to be more difficult this time than it was hospital. (And another: Why can’t I put the sanitizer dispenser on top of the trash, because it doesn’t take up the same space?)

But none of these issues, while annoying, won’t stop me from impatiently holding you back Campus day of its release. I plunged eight hours into those early levels, while I was suffering from COVID-19, because it is just as addictive as its predecessor. I feel like there will be the usual period in my life when you swallow up every minute of waking when I do nothing else. While Two Point Campus It is pretty much the same game as its predecessor, still very much welcome.

Two Point Campus It will debut on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch on August 9, 2022.

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