Velez comes from behind in eighth to stun the Mets

After a fantastic season in 2021, all eyes were on Ringer Suarez when he received the bumps on Monday night. After limited work in the spring, Suarez’s word count will be limited to “about 60” according to Joe Girardi.

Brandon Nemo started the evening with a whip one on the second pitch of the game.

Then Starling Mart tore a globe to Ranger, which bounced off his gauntlet toward Alec Boom. Then the third base post released the ball to the right line, placing both runners in the scoring position without any ends.

Bohm was then tested on back-to-back hot corner games, making them both. Unfortunately for Vils, Nemo had to come home to score on Alonso’s home ground to give the Mets a 1-0 lead. New Met, Eduardo Escobar made his presence felt with the RBI single To Right Field, which brought Marte home.

J.D. Davis then charted a picnic followed by Mark Kanha, bringing home the third round of the inning.

Taijuan Walker made quick work of up the rankings at the bottom of the first, retiring the Schwarber, Realmuto and Harper trio in the rankings.

Once again, Alec Boom will find a rebounding ball coming on his way to start the top of the second. The previous first round then sailed by throwing it over Reese Hoskins’ head, for his second foul in as many turns.

After the sacrifice ball moved McCann to second, the ball found its way back to third in the next two plays. Boom made them both and received a sarcastic but loud cheer from the Citizens Bank Park crowd.

The Mets clerk went back to the pile down the second and retired red and white in order again.

With Phillies already down by three to nothing, the top of the third inning started more dramatically than fans had hoped. Pete Alonso cuts the ball to the left side, making a third foul to throw the ball to Alec Bohm at third base.

With two at the top of third and runners in first and second, Power Ranger’s day ended as it hit 63 floors.

Nick Nelson will be the first to come out of the arm fold when he debuts at the Phillies. The right hand hit 98 mph as he ran out of trouble on tiptoe to finish the run, hitting Lewis Gilroom.

David Peterson came in to start the bottom of the third inning, as Taguan Walker’s evening completed. The 2021 All-Star threw two perfect shorts while scoring four. Walker is still working his way back from knee surgery in January, which may explain his early exit.

Jean Segura drove the lower half of the frame with a key stroke but was later picked up from first base a few pitches later. Peterson issued one outing to Bohm, but retired the following two elephants, ending the third.

The top half of the fourth half saw Nick Nelson settle in and work fast with Team New York.

Double play with corner runners halted Philadelphia’s momentum to complete fourth.

Nelson is back on the bump to start fifth. The former Yankee did so effectively, as the heart of the Met lineup retired in order. The bottom of the half saw Alec Boom weaken, but there was no further insult from Philly.

To start the top half of the sixth inning, Nick Nelson continued his exciting first day on the job by hitting JD Davis. Next, MV3 gave the orphans the opportunity to leave their seats with this sliding hook in the sixth.

Later in the competition, Harper appeared to have pain in his arm. Although the right player will remain in the ball game.

The Mets achieved in the fourth round of the game as Francisco Lindor led James McCann in the seventh inning.

Fast forward to the bottom of eighth, offense finally came alive for Phillies after seven boring innings.

Alec Bom walked over to lead the run, the third time in the match he had made it to base safely. Johan Camargo hit hard to push Bom into third.

Then the top of the order came to the plate as Kyle Schwarber grounded a player pick to bring Bohm home. RBI was the third of the season for the 2014 first round pick.

JT Realmuto followed suit by eliminating the full-count field well in the left field stands for the first time at home in 2022.

Now 4-3 down, Bryce Harper rose to the plate to take on Julie Rodriguez who remained in the match after Homer. Unfortunately, it was Rodriguez who overtook Bryce, and was named MVP twice.

As Nick Castellanos loomed, Buck Showalter made the switch to right hand Seth Lugo. Castellanos demonstrated tremendous discipline for painting all over the bat, as he painted a double-walker.

After walking, Rhys Hoskins took his turn and threw a missile at the left field line. Nick Castellanos channeled the inner Bryce Harper, working his way around the bases to score from the start. The RBI was Hoskins’ fourth of the 2022 season.

Sir Didi Gregorius came through with a massive double RBI delivery. This was the second round in Didi’s new campaign and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

After four strokes in the first seven rounds, Velez made five runs to come from behind and take the lead for the first time in the game.

Credit should be given to Nick Nelson for allowing the Phillies to get back into this game, thanks to his four innings on one ball. Seranthony Dominguez was instrumental again in his first and third roles.

Now for the final frame.

Joe Girardi moved on to Brad Hand to try to win.

Dom Smith was the first victim as Hand picked up the second hit in the red lines.

Simon Muzziotti, who made his MLB debut as a defensive substitute, was tested thanks to a James McCann flyball. The 23-year-old made the play without incident to score second.

When the Philly Believers got to their feet by two in the ninth inning, Brandon Nimo took a crack at his former teammate.

It was the 32-year-old left-hander who won the fight, took the win and stressed Nemo. Save was a first hand like Phillie. He credited Siranthony Dominguez with his first senior win since 2019.

Monday night’s victory reinforced that things are certainly different in Philadelphia this season.

The bulls were only allowed to run once across six innings and a third, and the offense came alive when we thought they were dead.

The message is clear after the win, don’t count Phillies out of the game this year.