What we know about Kelvin Joseph of the Dallas Cowboys and the deadly shooting in East Dallas

As investigators work to find out what happened on the night that Cameron Ray, 20, was murdered, many questions remain about Dallas Cowboys Calvin Joseph’s involvement in the Old East Dallas shooting and whether he will face criminal consequences.

Dallas Police interviewed Joseph Friday afternoon in connection with the murder. His attorney says Joseph was in a car from which shots were fired that night, but he was not the shooter.

Here’s what we know about the investigation.

Dallas Cowboys' Kelvin Joseph walks out of his attorney's office Friday in Uptown Dallas.

What led to the murder?

At approximately 2 a.m. on March 18, Cameron Ray was fatally shot outside OT Tavern at 3600 Greenville Street.

Ray was in town with a group of friends, and they are seen on video getting into a fight around 1:45 a.m. with another group at the intersection of Greenville and Martell.

After the fight ended, Ray and his friends walked through the parking lot, and someone opened fire on them from a passing car, the footage shows. Homicide investigator Tonya McDaniel said Ray and his friends did not start the trouble, and were in Dallas for the weekend to enjoy, KDFW-TV (Channel Four) reported.

Another video released by the police shows a man in a jacket with a distinctive hat and necklace standing with a group inside the bar. Those people were responsible for starting the disturbances later, and investigators want to identify them, according to police.

Who is Kelvin Joseph, and how is he involved?

Joseph, 22, is a cornerstone for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a second-round pick in the 2021 draft after his college career at LSU and Kentucky. He has a nickname for rapper, YKDV Bossman Fat, which is ahead of his time in the NFL. YKDV stands for “You Know Da Vibe”.

Earlier this week, Dallas police requested the public’s help in identifying the six men involved in the disturbances with Ray’s group outside the OT Tavern. Joseph is identified, as he shares the distinctive facial features of the man wearing the necklace, which appears to have the letters “YKDV” studded on a medallion.

Joseph’s attorney, Barry Sorrells, said that Joseph was in the suspicious vehicle from which the shots were fired, but that he was not the shooter.

“Kelvin was defenseless and not looking for violence,” Sorrells said. “He found himself in an escalating situation without his knowledge or consent.”

Did the police make arrests?

Two Louisiana men were booked into the Dallas County Jail early Saturday in connection with the shooting.

Tyvion English, 21, and Aries Jones, 28, both from Baton Rouge, face charges of premeditated murder. It was not clear if they had lawyers.

Dallas police said “additional investigations by investigators” led them to identify English and Jones as the shooters, but they did not reveal more information about the case. Police said the men turned themselves in to the authorities.

Police did not say if they plan to press charges against anyone else.

Dallas Cowboys rookie in the back corner Kelvin Joseph (24) takes a breather during junior rookie...

Can Youssef face charges?

It is unclear whether Joseph may face charges. Under Texas law, he can be criminally guilty even if he’s not the shooter.

Texas party law can lead to charges being brought against anyone who was in an SUV at the time of the shooting. It is common practice to charge passengers while shooting from a speeding car, experts said, and could be used for strategic purposes, such as an agreement for a lower charge in exchange for a passenger’s testimony at the shooter’s trial.

The fact that the Dallas police solicited public assistance may indicate that Joseph went for weeks without contacting the police about what he knew about the shooting and those involved.

Experts said the main questions are about timing: How quickly did Joseph contact the police after the crime? Does he speak to the police before or after he is identified in the video?

What did the cowboy say?

Cowboys officials do not believe Joseph is the shooter. The Cowboys addressed the investigation Friday in a statement provided to Dallas Morning News.

“The Dallas Cowboys are aware of the tragic incident that occurred in Dallas on March 18. First and foremost, our hearts go out to Mr. Ray’s family and loved ones. The organization is aware of the possible connection of Kelvin Joseph to this incident. We are in contact with Dallas law enforcement and have established Notify the NFL office. We have no further comment at this time.”

Cowboys officials encouraged Joseph to speak with police about what he knows, according to a team source.

This is the latest among many problems that the Cowboys face in the off-season. A woman has sued team owner Jerry Jones, saying she is his daughter. Jones claimed she was blackmailing him, which her lawyers denied. A multimillion-dollar settlement with fans of the team has emerged related to accusations of voyeurism, as well as a lawsuit over a videotape of a sexual encounter with one of Jones’ sons.

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What is the city doing?

The city of Dallas has threatened to file a lawsuit against a property on Greenville Street near the scene of Ray’s shooting, saying the property, which includes OT Tavern and Bar 3606, has been repeatedly the site of crimes. The city’s assistant attorney general said the city is willing to file a lawsuit if real estate fails to mitigate crime.

Realtors could not be reached on Friday for comment.

Councilman Paul Ridley also plans to file a protest against Bar 3606 before he files for a Texas Alcohol Authority license renewal this summer, according to his office. Ridley urged the city to take legal action against the two cases.

Author Christa M. contributed to this report. Toralva.